About your nation

Welcome to For Britain, and thank you for joining us as we set out on the era-defining journey, the journey to bring politics back to the British people.

This will not be politics as usual.  We will not be fearful of journalists or snobby elites, we will speak our minds and we will fight to preserve the Britain we love.

We are not far-right, we are not far-left, we are simply the decent majority who want our social values intact. We are tired of mass immigration bringing with it practices that are abhorrent to us. We are tired of being ignored when we complain about this, or worse, labelled racists and fascists. We will not accept this any longer.

We are tired of our taxes being used to fund unproductive bureaucracy, we are tired of politicians flushing our money down the drain. 

We are tired of substandard services and waiting weeks or months for NHS treatments. We’re tired of expensive transport and housing, and overwhelming competition for jobs. 

We’re tired of having no voice. We’re tired of being told to stay quiet. 

This country belongs to its people and those people will have a voice again.

For Britain is that voice. We will reach the people who have been forgotten and left behind. We will talk about the issues others parties won’t touch, and we certainly will talk about Islam. 

Millions of people in this country consider Islam to be of existential significance. We know what we see with our own eyes.  We look around the world and see what Islam’s influence does, what it brings to people’s lives – it is directly responsible for unimaginable cruelty, cruelty to women, to atheists or apostates, cruelty to children, and cruelty to animals… all power is held by scripture-soaked Muslim males who hold on to that power with bloody hands. 

Now that Islam is here in our countries, we too see extreme cruelty to women, to atheists and apostates – some of whom experience violence or are on the run for their lives, right here in Britain, we see cruelty to children, and we see cruelty to animals in the form of un-stunned halal slaughter. We see our laws on all of these issues simply disregarded, people act outside the law with impunity.

We have had enough of it, and we will have our voices heard.

Thank you again.  I will be in regular contact with members and together, we’ll change this country for the better.

We’ll do it for democracy, for decency, for freedom… We’ll do it For Britain. 

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