Join without PayPal

So, you would like to join For Britain but you do not want to use PAYPAL.

PAYPAL will automatically process your monthly subscription.  This means that our staff are able to dedicate their valuable time to important duties necessary in running the Party.


Can I use PayPal?

Or do I use this manual method that will take manpower away from other tasks?

In the event you are unable to use PayPal please click here to download a form.  You will need to print a copy of the form and complete the appropriate sections.  Once you have completed the form please post it to us at:

P O Box 1296 Crawley RH10 0NN.


>  This form must be Posted to us as eMail is not a secure method to send this payment information for manual processing.

>  This manual payment method is for Credit/Debit cards only.  Cheques will not be accepted at this time.