Dear For Britain Supporter,

Thank you as always for your continued support. These are exciting times for our party.

My first piece of news today is that our trident logo has been approved by the Electoral Commission, and so all of those hurdles have now been overcome. We can now get on with things!

As you know, we have 15 candidates standing in local elections in May in the following areas: Leeds, Hartlepool, Hastings, Sandwell, Yateley, Bromley, Plymouth and Sunderland.

Please get in touch via the enquiries email ([email protected]) if you can help. We have campaign days coming up, so keep an eye out for notices of these.

Campaign Trail

This weekend we are campaigning in Bromley and Yateley. Tomorrow morning, we’ll meet at Victoria Station in London at 9.15 am to travel to Bromley, please get in touch with Anish Patel if you would like to come along. On Sunday, we’ll be in Yateley.  The meeting place is outside the Dog and Partridge pub at 10.45 am.  I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

We recently held two successful meetings with members in Leeds and Birmingham. Several future meetings are now in the diary, and more will be arranged. Please try to make it along to these if you can, and help us to increase membership by bringing a friend. Something that will help our party to grow is word of mouth, so please tell friends and family to have a look at our policies. Growth is now key for our party.

Party Chairman

Following the May elections, our priority will be to install a formal structure in to the party, and to this end, I am delighted to say that a party chairman has now been appointed. Our chairman is Ed DeMolay, who has been a hard-working volunteer with For Britain since our first day. I am very pleased that he will be overseeing the party, and I have no doubt he will do a fantastic job. I will have a further announcement about a deputy leader in the coming days.

We have a full committee meeting coming up soon, where we will discuss this and other important matters and report back to you.


Now that our logo has been formally approved, merchandise is also at the top of our agenda. We can now get on with issuing membership cards as well. All of this and more will be finalised at our committee meeting on May 13th.


I will be speaking at several events in the coming months and I’ll continue to update you on my live webcasts on (most) weekday mornings at 11. You can watch these on YouTubere here. These are also posted on the front page of our website after each broadcast.

If you would like me to attend your area and either visit your branch, or set up a new branch, please do let me know.  Get in touch also if you have any local groups in mind who may be open to letting us visit and speak to them – these could be any political activist group.  I’m keen to speak to as many people as possible in person so do help with this if you can.

Raising Funds

Of course none of the above can be achieved without financial help, and as much as I dislike asking, please do consider a donation to the party if you can afford it.  Everything helps.  Thank you.  You can donate here.

Lastly, we’ve had a rather exciting endorsement from the star singer Morrissey.  You can read this here.  Needless to say, it’s both flattering and true – we will change British politics forever.  My sincere thanks to you for taking this journey and making your mark on history, future generations will thank you as well.

Very best wishes,

Anne Marie Waters