Email from Anne Marie to For Britain supporters – 7th April 2018:


Dear For Britain Supporter,

Thank you as always for your support of For Britain.

From dozens of applications, through strict vetting, as well as media training, we now have our final list of candidates that will be standing For Britain in local elections in May.  These are:

    • Tom Hollings (Leeds)
    • Mick Bolton (Leeds)
    • James Miller (Leeds)
    • Anne Murgatroyd (Leeds)
    • Darryl Magher (Sandwell)
    • Stuart Nicholson (Leeds)
    • Karen King (Hartlepool)
    • Sue Perkins (Yateley)
    • Mandy Baldwin (Bromley)
    • Steve Ward (Hastings)
    • Stephen Latham (Sandwell)
    • Iuliu Popescu (Plymouth)
    • Andrew Cox (Sunderland)
    • Samantha Harding (Sandwell)

I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of these brave candidates for putting themselves forward For Britain.  This is just the start.

Now we must do all we can to give our candidates a fighting chance.  If you are in any of the above areas, and would like to help campaign, please get in touch.

Our Leeds branch has asked me to provide you with their email address for contact re campaigning and leafleting.  This is [email protected]  Please help out if you can.  I will arrange to attend for campaigning days, I’ll update you further on this soon.

As you may remember, our Facebook page was restricted and so my webcasts had to be interrupted, but these will resume this coming Monday at 11 am on our YouTube channel.  I’ll discuss the above and other party matters, including plans for the future. Let’s hope there is no further censorship!  I’ll of course post these on the website when complete.

Don’t forget to check out the members’ area for advice on setting up a new For Britain branch.  I’ll be in touch again soon, thank you for your continued support.

Very best wishes,

Anne Marie Waters