Letter to supporters, 22nd May 2018

Dear all,

Thank you for your continued support of For Britain at this exciting time for our party.  Here is an update on all that has been going on.

Lewisham East

As you will know, we are in the midst of our first Parliamentary by-election, which is taking place in Lewisham East on June 14th. You can read my blogs on this here and here.

Campaigning is taking place every day, thank you to all volunteers for working so hard. If you can help us campaign, please contact [email protected] If you can help us by donating, please do so here.

We are organizing two national campaign days on the weekend of June 9th and 10th. We are asking branches around the country therefore to arrange groups to get to Lewisham that weekend. Further details will be sent to you closer to the time. This is a key campaign for our party and I’m grateful for everyone’s help.

Committee Meeting and Branch Formation

Yesterday, the evolving committee of For Britain met in Crewe. We discussed various issues around how to take the party forward. Our focus for the moment is on the Lewisham East by-election and building new branches.

I have been travelling the country attending branches and if you’ve registered an interest in forming one, I will be in touch soon to help you get your initial meeting organised. I will attend branch launch meetings and answer your questions. These meetings have been a huge success and you can see videos on our website here. This will be updated as the meetings progress.

Branch formation process improved

We have now made the branch formation process vastly simpler, and this will help speed things up. All that is required is a branch secretary and chair to register their interest with us, sign data protection documents, and then they are free to launch. If you are interested in starting a branch, but don’t yet have someone to work with, contact us on [email protected] and we will organise a local members’ meeting in your area.

Getting branches up and going is a key priority for me, so please do get in touch; with branches in place, we can begin selecting candidates both for next year’s local elections and for upcoming Parliamentary elections – whenever they may be!

We are very flexible with branches and what areas they cover, members are free to organise as they feel best. You can find a lot of information on branches, as well as recently added guidance on social media, in the members’ area here. In the next few months, we will contact you again regarding putting regional officers in place to provide personal support to branches, and we will evolve as we grow, but putting the branches in place first is vital. Thank you for your much-needed help in this regard.

Our committee has changed and evolved in recent months, and you can now read the full list in the members’ area here.

Economic Manifesto

I am delighted to announce that our exciting full Economic Manifesto will be published on June 9th. This was written for us by the well-known and respected economist Godfrey Bloom, and we’re grateful to Godfrey for his expertise. It is an exciting manifesto that we know will receive widespread public support. We’ll give you further information about this closer to the time.  Membership voting on policy will commence after the Lewisham election.  Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.

Membership cards and Merchandise

We have a reliable and long-term printing partner who has been doing great work for us throughout the local elections and Lewisham. This firm will now work with us to provide both membership cards and merchandise. Our website is currently undergoing enormous construction and this will soon be complete.  It will be easier to join (including withe new payment options), as well as other important changes. Membership cards will be with you by the end of June. I know you’ve been waiting for these for a long time, so thank you for your patience – we were unable to follow this through until our logo was accepted by the Electoral Commission.


This week I will be on the road again. I am speaking in Leicester on Thursday evening (May 24th) at 7 pm. If you are in the East Midlands area, you will receive an email from us on Thursday afternoon providing venue details. Please keep an eye out for this. If you are not in that area but would still like to attend, please contact [email protected] and let us know.

You may be familiar with the fact that regular Muslim prayer is taking place (unlawfully) at Speakers’ Corner in London. I have been asked to attend to speak there on Sunday 27th May at 2 pm. I will talk about freedom of speech, Islam, and the harm one is causing to the other. Please attend if you can.

Next week, I will be in Southampton on the 29th and Oxford on the 30th. As above, if you are in the area, you will receive an email with details of this, but if you live elsewhere and would still like to attend, please get in touch.

Become a Councillor By Co-option

There are thousands of vacant councillor positions on town/parish councils across the UK.  To put your name forward for one of these vacancies you must live, work, or own land in the relevant town or parish, or within 3 miles of the area.  You simply need to ask the council clerk if there are any vacancies. If there are, you can apply to be a ‘For Britain’ councillor.  I would be very grateful if people would consider putting themselves forward for this. This is a prime opportunity for us to get For Britain bums in seats! Please contact [email protected] for more information

Thank you once again for your support throughout these months. Our party is truly taking off and it’s an incredibly exciting time.

Thank you for making it happen and for standing up For Britain.

My very best wishes,

Anne Marie Waters