So it seems that Janet Daby, the Labour Party candidate for Lewisham East, has decided not to attend the hustings organised for Tuesday next week. I’m not even remotely surprised.

Janet Daby could, instead of mindlessly smearing me as ‘far-right’ (in order to get the applause she seeks), engage with me in honest debate. That she won’t, is evidence that she can’t, and there are many reasons why.

If the Labour candidate had the courage to show up next week, I would ask her why it is that a Labour-dominated area like Lewisham continues to suffer such high levels of poverty. Why are Lewisham’s children so failed in education, why is homelessness and child poverty so prevalent in Lewisham? She has no answer, that’s why she’s decided not to turn up.


What if I asked her about the crippling debts placed upon the NHS by the Labour Party? PFI arrangements have financially crushed many hospitals, such that they will spend a generation merely paying off the interest. Labour did this to the NHS, why?

Why also did Labour bring private corporations (like Virgin) in to the health service? Why did Labour introduce competition? Daby will not answer these questions because she can’t; the Labour Party is the problem.

Instead of facing me as an MP should be expected to, Daby has decided to play the victim and virtue-signal card. That’s all she’s got.

Where are your Answers?

She has no answer as to the state of the country. She has no answer to crime, to poverty, to educational underachievement. Nothing. But she’ll pretend, and she’ll portray her cowardice as virtue, by refusing to ‘share a platform’.  Will she refuse to share a platform with those who support the Lewisham Islamic Centre (see here)?  Of course not, no doubt she’ll praise them to the hilt.

Janet Daby has told the people of Lewisham that she is too busy for them. As a back-up, she’s decided that not ‘sharing a platform’ will do.

This is pathetic. We live in a democracy, but instead of facing her public, Daby and the Labour Party will continue to ignore us.

We can only change this when we vote to change it. Vote. Vote For Britain.