The extreme-Left “Antifa” pretend I pose a threat-to-the-peace at the by-election hustings in Lewisham East.  The only threat I pose is to weak career politicians, the only threat to peace comes from “Antifa”.  

Lewisham East by-election hustings

I had an interesting conversation with a journalist today. She asked about the threat-to-the-peace my presence poses at the upcoming Lewisham East by-election hustings. There is a a threat, as I explained to her. “Those of us who point out uncomfortable truths about Islam and mass immigration face regular threats. Most of which comes from a violent extreme Left egged on by a smearing press.”

An article in a local Lewisham newspaper reveals the Orwellian absurdity of the entire affair. Referring to hustings held during the general election of 2015, when I also stood in Lewisham East, writer Bridie Witton declares that “Discussions were moderated by a chairman and she did not cause any problems”. Quite right, I didn’t cause any problems.  It was me who had police protection on the night.  As far as I’m aware, nobody needed police protection from me.    


The feral thugs of the hard left-wing have tried to obstruct the meetings of my party on many occasions. By intimidating venues and threatening physical disruption. I have never done this. When was the last time an ‘Antifa’ meeting was cancelled because of threats from For Britain? Or anyone else on their fantasy “far-right”?

I’ve seen the hatred of these thugs up-close on more than one occasion, and in Denmark I saw them launch an unprovoked violent attack on Tommy Robinson. At every out-door rally I’ve attended, I’ve seen police attention directed towards protecting us from fascist “anti-fascists”, often masked and quite possibly with hidden weapons.  

By contrast, I have never stood at the side of the road shouting at people. I’ve never tried to get a venue cancelled, and never had a person barred from a democratic hustings. I do however need private security, I’ve had police at my door assessing my safety. I’ve had death threats. All because “anti-fascists” and their complicit media continue to mislead the public with articles comprised of little less than fiction.  

Conservative party candidate

A second journalist today informed me that the Conservative party candidate in Lewisham will join with Labour and boycott the hustings. How frightened they must be. Here, of course, is the real threat I pose – the threat to the career politicians and their well-rehearsed soundbites. Politicians who have no answers to the questions I raise, or for their parties’ repeated failures.

A major policy area to For Britain is crime, and as we all know, crime is exploding. Murder rates in London are at shocking levels (rising 44% in just one year), and violent crime reports have increased by 67.9% in Lewisham since 2012.

This is the result of a Conservative government that has decimated police numbers since it came to power in 2010 (while continuing to send billions abroad).

In London, even with crime levels so high, Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan utilises 900+ police officers for ‘hate crime’. Where they dedicat time to cases involving subjective ‘offence’ and to recording incidents that do not event amount to crimes.
Labour and the Conservatives have failed, time and again. They fail in their basic duty to keep our people safe.  Now, they refuse to turn up to a public event and answer to their voters. They assume they don’t need to.

Inability to enter in to debate

What they reveal is their utter inability to enter in to robust debate, or to defend the record of their party. My presence may force them to answer one or two rather awkward questions, and they’re not up to it. They’re not up to the job.
I will be there. To representing my party, to represent my supporters, and to represent the millions of decent Britons the length and breadth of our country who are sick and tired of cowardly career politicians, bullying leftists, and smearing journalists.
We will tell them the truth, as we always do, and hold our heads high as we claim our democratic rights.