Latest email from Anne Marie to supporters – 22nd June 2018

Thank you as always for your continued support.  It’s been a very significant couple of weeks for us, the “anti-fascist” protestors have made it clear that they fear us – and they are right to.  I spoke about this on my last webcast.

We must take strength from their protests.  They are against us because they know that when our true message reaches the British public, most people will agree.  We will persevere despite their attempts to silence us.

Upcoming Events

I am back on the road visiting members and supporters and this week I attended a meeting in Ipswich (the video will be uploaded soon).  Some dates for your diary are listed below:

    • Saturday 23rd June – London; Freedom and Unity March, Victoria, 1 pm
    • Monday 25th June – Hartlepool
    • Thursday 28th June – Stoke-on-Trent
    • Monday 2nd July – Southend-on-Sea
    • Thursday 5th July – Cumbria
    • Saturday 7th July – Lincoln
    • Wednesday 11th July – Sheffield
    • Saturday 21st July – Norwich

We will contact you if you live in the above areas, and venue details will be issued on the day of the event.  If you do not receive an email from us, but you would like to attend, please get in touch at [email protected]  If you would like me to visit your area, please also send us an email.  If you plan to attend any of our events, please invite a friend to join you!


New branches are being formed every week now as our party grows and grows.  Please get in touch with [email protected] if you would like to get involved.  I will visit all branches on request, and leaflets will be supplied.


As you know, we are developing our national manifesto and you will be asked to vote on key policy areas.  This will be done online and the link to vote will be issued to you on July 6th.  Further information to follow.  Our economic policy was somewhat delayed by our campaign in Lewisham, but this is now being finalised and will be published next week.  I will also deliver on online speech about this policy document.  We will of course send this to you and add it to the website.

National Conference

When you have cast your vote on key policies, we will include these results in our full manifesto, to be published at our first national conference in The Midlands on September 23rd.  Please note the date.  We’re inviting some very exciting speakers and it promises to be a great event.  It will be an opportunity for us to come together from around the country and plan the future of our party.  Please try to come along.  Further details will of course follow soon.


Given the recent events in Lewisham, and increased interest in us from “anti-fascists”, we now unfortunately have to employ security for many of our events.  This however comes at a cost, I would be very grateful if you would consider donating for this.  It is of the utmost importance that what happened in Lewisham does not happen again.  We must be able to speak, and we must be safe as we do it.  It’s so unfortunate that we are in this position, but with the Labour Party and other extreme-Left activists (and the press) stirring up hatred against us, it is sadly necessary to protect ourselves.  I’m really grateful for your help with this.  Please donate if you can.


We will be launching a specific campaign against religious slaughter, and for increased animal welfare standards, in the coming weeks.  We have exciting plans for this so please stay tuned.


Our website is undergoing enormous advancement, and merchandise will be available very soon.  It’s taken some time to get this together, but at last an end to our immediate IT work is now in sight.  We’ll send this to you as soon as it’s complete.


My webcasts will return on Monday but in order for me to be able to do more of these, I will change to the earlier time of 9 am.  These will of course be available immediately on our website each day.  If there is anything you’d like me to discuss on these, please get in touch and let me know on [email protected] .

Thank you once again for joining us in standing up For Britain.  We are a vibrant and exciting party that is growing daily, we will give a voice to the decent and fair-minded British majority.

Very best wishes,

Anne Marie 

For Britain