Thank you as always for your continued support of For Britain, we are going from strength to strength. Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy on the road and have attended packed out events in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as all around England. Support has been incredible, our members are motivated and enthusiastic and I am truly grateful and proud.

Help Our Party Grow

The great challenge of For Britain is to reach the people. I firmly believe that when people know of our policies, and our common sense and honest approach, they will agree with us. Millions of people are waiting for straight-talking politics, and For Britain will deliver. Our request therefore to our members over the coming weeks is to introduce just one person to our party; share the website, or bring a friend along to an event.

In September, we will host ‘Brexit Month’ (you will receive a separate email about this) starting on the evening of 5th September in Sheffield. If you know of someone who may wish to come along or is active in Brexit-related politics, please let them know of our events and invite them along.

If you’d like to help organise a Brexit event in your area, please get in touch at [email protected] Thank you.


I wanted today to specifically thank our branches, who are working so hard all around the UK. I am very grateful for this vital work. All over the country, our enthusiastic and passionate branch activists are delivering leaflets and holding events, spreading the word about our party.

If you would like to inquire about your nearest branch or to set up a branch of your own, please contact [email protected]

I and Jeff, our deputy leader, are very happy to attend branch meetings. Please get in touch if you would like us to visit.

National Conference and Manifesto

Our first national conference will take place in the north-west of England on Sunday, September 23rd.

We’re very excited about this and our guests will include Katie Hopkins, Robert Spencer, Paul Weston, and many more… We will launch our national manifesto on the day which will constitute our initial offer to the British people.

It will tell people who we are and that we have new and fresh ideas about the future direction of the country; one that reflects what is best about our past and our present.

It is a pro-Britain, pro-democracy manifesto and we’re very grateful to those who voted in our members’ poll. This manifesto will change and grow as circumstances do, so make sure to send us your comments. Member’s polls on further issues will continue into the future.

Formal Complaints

For Britain has been active in following up the disgraceful prevention of me speaking at the Lewisham East by-election hustings by anti-democratic bullying tactics of the far left.

A complaint concerning police inaction at the hustings has been lodged with the Met Police’s Professional Standards Directorate. This is currently being investigated by them.

In addition the party has also brought to the police’s attention video footage taken on the day showing an office holder in the Lewisham Labour Party branch physically blocking people from entering the building, shouting with his face close to theirs whilst punching his fist into his palm, and following a For Britain member walking peacefully down the street.

The police have confirmed the person’s identity and have told us that they are taking action against him. Thanks to the information we have given.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been lodged with the Belfast based newspaper Sunday Life concerning a story that they published, which appears to have no foundation whatsoever, stating that For Britain had attempted to recruit a Nazi supporter to lead our Northern Ireland Branch. If this does not lead to a prompt retraction and apology we shall be pursuing it with the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

For Britain is the party of the rule of law. We are discovering how low the standards have slumped in British politics and reporting. For Britain will work with the police, regulators and if necessary courts to pursue the worst offenders to restore freedom of speech and clean up politics for everybody.

Stand For Britain

In order for people to vote For Britain, we must have candidates standing For Britain – could this be you?

We will provide full training and support and we’re calling for candidates for local elections. We need people to stand in the following:

    • Welsh Assembly
    • Scottish Parliament
    • Northern Irish Assembly
    • Parliament at Westminster

We are currently compiling a list of potential candidates. Thank you to those who have put yourselves forward so far. If you would like to stand as a candidate, please get in touch with our nominating officer Mike Speakman at [email protected]

Thank you once again for making our wonderful party a reality. I have never felt so confident about the future of our party and our country.

Very best wishes,

Anne Marie Waters

Party Leader