Press Release

The For Britain Movement agrees with the findings of the Home Affairs Select Committee. This government has been slowly dismantling the police service to the point where it is almost not fit for purpose. The government are in denial of the problem they have created.

Mike Speakman, a former Deputy Chief Constable said:

“I deplore the way this government is treating the police service. Officer numbers are the lowest they have been for decades.

Police officers are demoralised and exhausted. Police forces have largely abandoned policing the streets of this country and violent gangs have replaced them in many of our cities.  At the same time the Home Office have made the police divert scarce patrols to the policing of social media trivia.

Some people that you meet are quietly voicing concerns that it is only a matter of time before vigilante gangs fill the law enforcement vacuum that has been created. For Britain would restore police numbers to at least 2010 levels.  The government needs to recognise the crisis that it has created and deal with it immediately.”

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