Press release

Tuesday 8th January 2019

The furore surrounding verbal abuse issued towards Conservative MP Anna Soubry has once again revealed the staggering pro-Remain and pro open border bias of mainstream politicians and media.

Soubry was reportedly labelled a “Nazi” by protesters outside Parliament.  While obviously upsetting for her, this insult mirrors those routinely hurled at Brexit campaigners, and anti mass migration parties, without a murmur of protest from establishment politicians or press.  Indeed, our leader has been deliberately mis-contextualised and misrepresented by both mainstream press and opposing politicians, who characterise our party as “far-right” without ever offering a morsel of evidence that this is the case.

As a result of such untruths, Anne Marie Waters, For Britain’s leader, was unable to attend a hustings event during a Parliamentary by-election in London for her own safety.  The mainstream media however found this unworthy of reporting at the time.

For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters says “the deliberate lies espoused by the media and mainstream politics about our party not only mislead the great British public, but they potentially place our party activists in danger.  The mainstream has knowingly led the British public to believe we are racist or fascist, when there is simply no evidence to support this.  There is no condemnation of these smears however, and certainly no police investigation.  Once again, the extreme and obvious bias of mainstream politics towards pro-Remain or pro open border activists has revealed its ugly face”.


For Britain Movement