Statement regarding Anne Marie Waters appearance on today’s BBC Big Questions Programme

I expect little from the BBC, but this was extraordinary even by their standards.  I appeared on BBC One’s ‘Big Questions’ on Sunday and from the moment I walked in, and heard the whispers, I knew what I was in for.  Had I not brought my press officer with me, I would have been completely alone.

Anne Marie Waters BBC The Big Questions

Anne Marie Waters BBC The Big Questions

The audience was packed with people ready to pounce – where does the BBC get this audience from, and was there any attempt to provide balance?  We shall be asking these questions of the BBC very quickly.  I will also be asking why it is that I sat and listened to people slander and smear me, throughout, and was given no right of reply.  I knew I wouldn’t be, so when I heard a lie, I answered it, until apparently my microphone was switched off (I shall be asking the BBC about this as well).  Furthermore, as I didn’t tell anyone I would be appearing, how was it that the audience was so filled with those who would obviously attack me?

I was called a fascist repeatedly, audience members implied that I should be imprisoned – thereby implying I have committed a crime, and an outright lie about For Britain’s manifesto (that it was largely about Islam) was told by a chap just in front of me.  Once again, though my hand was up, no chance to reply.

Mike Killian of the Far Left UAF

Mike Killian of the Far Left UAF

No mention of left-wing extremism

There was no mention of left-wing extremism, or the fact that I had had my life placed in danger by the very lies the BBC allowed to be propagated – I was unable to attend a Parliamentary by-election for my own safety because of left-wing thugs threatening me, and this is the direct result of the BBC’s allowance of smears to go unanswered.  Indeed, the BBC itself participates in those smears.  Every time my party has been mentioned by the BBC, it is referred to as “far-right”.  No evidence is put forward to substantiate this and there is no mention of For Britain’s actual policies – all of which are aimed at empowering the citizen against the state (the opposite of fascism, in other words).

When my life is placed in danger as a result of these lies, so starkly demonstrated by the fact that I cannot attend a hustings for my own safety, the BBC is suddenly uninterested.  Not one mainstream media outlet reported this story, but as soon as someone called Anna Soubry a nasty name, the media screams how something must be done.

I wasn’t allowed to reply for the bulk of the programme, so let me respond here; particularly to the man who said the political right have been taking away people’s rights.  If I’d been able, I would’ve told him how my right, as a Parliamentary candidate, to take part in a hustings event was denied to me, not by the right, but by the extreme and violent left which escapes all analysis or criticism from the mainstream press.

BBC slander

I fully intend to formally ask the BBC why it is that outright lies about me and my fully registered, fully legal political party were allowed on national television, with the leader in the room, but they did not allow that leader to respond.

The mainstream and the left (pretty much the same thing) still don’t understand why people are so angry.  Do they think we can’t see this bias, just because they can’t?  Their gobsmacking arrogance allows them to look down on us, dismiss us; we can’t possibly have an informed argument, we’re “far right” after all.

If this doesn’t stop, if people like me and those who agree with me (and there are millions of us), aren’t allowed to speak in a fair and balanced way, then a real far-right will rise – one that will make Tommy Robinson look like a Sunday school teacher.  When that happens, we’ll all suffer, and the mainstream media will be entirely to blame.


Anne Marie Waters,

Leader of the For Britain Movement