For Edinburgh: We held our first branch meeting in January 2019. After a general discussion, we decided that one way forward for our politics in Scotland would be to start university branches. This would be an effective way to increase our activist base over the medium term.

At present Edinburgh and Glasgow universities have no political groups other than the failing established parties. Hence, we decided to contact the Scottish Family Party (SFP) we have some joint activity in mind. We felt that the family concept was a positive For Britain campaign.

Other branch activities have been: Leafleting of both a Vegan Fair and a European Parliament meeting, also door to door leafleting.

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Scottish politics – opportunities

For Britain has a real opportunity in Scotland over the next cycle as we have, Community Council elections (Oct 2019) – Scottish parliament elections (May 2021) – Local government elections (May 2022) and as these are held under a form of proportional representation we must stand in them all.

In general, the people are fed up of the same old and they’re ready for a new party, a new party like For Britain.