For Manchester: We have Anne Marie coming to our branch meeting on 25th of March. If you’re interested in attending then please email us at [email protected]

For Britain has appointed Simon Collins as the North West Regional Organiser. Simon said – “Thanks to For Britain for placing their faith in me to take on the role of developing our North West region branch network. Our existing NW branches are well established and proactive, it’s my privilege to be working with them and providing them with the support they need to grow”.

”My first task as NW RO was to organise our NW candidate training event in Warrington last week in preparations for May’s elections. Attendance was great, we filled every seat in the venue. Majority of the attendees have now filled out their Vetting forms and got their Nominations forms ready. Candidates and branches are campaigning ahead of the May elections”.

Please contact Simon if you’d like to set up a branch in the North West, or contact Janet at [email protected].

Simon can be contacted at [email protected]