Press Release

Date: 11.03.2019
From: The For Britain Movement
Notes: For Immediate Release

For Britain are pleased to announce that Hugh Nicklin has been selected as the party candidate to fight the Newport West by-election, to be held on April the 4th.

Hugh commented: “Newport West deserves better than Labour – and that’s why I’m standing For Britain, a party that is in tune with the public not the Westminster bubble.

For years, Labour and the Tories have failed us, and now with their Brexit incompetence and betrayal, the people of this our great country know for sure that these old parties represent nobody but themselves.

I am a retired teacher, a father, and a lover of rugby! I played for Llangwm and Narberth, a ND AM A qualified W.R.U. referee, as well as previously serving as Vice Chairman of the Welsh Schools’ Cricket Association.

I’m Welsh and know Wales and I will stand up for its decent people of Wales.  No more empty promises from career politicians, For Britain is here to bring long lasting change to politics, ignoring right and left stereotypes.

My priorities are:-

    • Brexit NOW!
    • End mass immigration.
    • End politically correct policing.
    • Protect children.
    • Protect health services.
    • Invest in local infrastructure and job creation.

Hugh Nicklin

Hugh Nicklin

Hugh Nicklin

Further Background on Hugh:

Hugh Nicklin was born in Worcestershire to an English father and a Welsh mother. He attended a state primary school and Worcester Royal Grammar school, and was awarded an Open Scholarship in History to Hertford College, Oxford, in 1961.

After graduating he obtained a Diploma in Education from Oxford University Department of Education. Inspired by the comprehensive ideal, he chose a comprehensive school at random and joined the staff of Fairham Comprehensive School in Nottingham. After a period at Bilborough Mixed Grammar School he was appointed Head of History at Haverfordwest Grammar School in 1973.

He played rugby for Llangwm and Narberth, and cricket for Burton and Haverfordwest. He retained his teaching post under reorganisation, and was Head of History at Tasker Milward VC Comprehensive School from 1978-1990. During that time he worked for school cricket, and was Vice Chairman of the Welsh Schools’ Cricket Association. He was elected a parent governor of the school.

Appalled by the National History Curriculum of 1990, he moved to the independent sector, and was Head of History, Classics and RE, and Boys’ Housemaster at The Downs School, Colwall, until his retirement in 2004. He then lived in the South of France for eleven years, writing two history books and two pantomimes for the local French primary school. Missing teaching he then spent another year as Head of History at a prestigious International School in Bombay.

Hugh now lives in Herefordshire. Up till very recently was Treasurer at a local Village Hall. He is still an active member of local Cricket and Rugby Clubs.


Further Party Information

Anne Marie Waters is available for discussion & interviews of relevant political topics.

Anne Marie Waters is the Leader of the British political party; The For Britain Movement and the author of Beyond Terror: Islam’s slow erosion of Western Democracy. She is a lead figure and voice within the Patriotic and anti-EU arm of British politics. For Britain are the UK’s only serious democratic Populist movement and voice. Anne Marie is in favour of a strong Brexit / NO DEAL, now.

Founder of Sharia Watch, Waters has a deep knowledge and understanding of the operational influence of Sharia Law & Sharia Councils within the UK, plus the growing damaging impact that Islam has on British society, culture and its people; most notably the industrialised rape and damage of young white working class and Sikh girls over the past 30 years (largely ignored by the MSM), to this end she is busy ‘sounding the alarm’.

Please take a look at Anne Marie Waters’ videos on YouTube;


The For Britain Movement is now a proud member M.E.N.F: The Movement for a Europe of Nations & Freedom. It is an alliance of like minded pan-European political parties, many in the European Parliament; it is a group that’s against the creeping power of the current federal Euro-super state.

My name is Ian Mack, I am the Press Officer here at The For Britain Movement, and I would be happy to discuss Anne Marie availability with you.

Ian Mack
Press Officer
For Britain Movement
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