Our good Councillor Brian Silvester has created this letter you can send to your MP and ensure they understand you demand they protect the vote you made in the 2016 referendum. Just type your post code in to the search engine on TheyWorkForYou.com and send an email or letter to stop the Brexit Betrayal like the one below to your MP.

Let them know you will not sit ideally while they break their oath to uphold the democratic majority that they’re meant to represent.


Dear Sir,


Maclean, Burgess, Philby, Blunt, & Cairncross betrayed the UK.

To this list of infamy we can now add Theresa May.

She’s trying to sell out our country to a foreign power.

PM is part of an establishment fifth column trying to overturn the biggest democratic vote in our history.


Incredibly it is now alleged that the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement was hatched in Germany, in Mrs Merkel’s Berlin office.

It was written by the Germans in such a way to make it easy for the UK to re-join the EU in a few years time.

It was written by the Germans, for the Germans.


PM’s Tory Government is committing the biggest ever fraud on the British people. The Tories are telling us they are delivering Brexit. In fact her Brexit Betrayal means the EU dictators will have MORE control over us, for evermore, with no exit door. UK media are complicit in trying to deceive us about what is really proposed.


‘For Britain’ says we should LEAVE now on WTO terms.

No more dither or delay.’No Deal’ is the best deal.

We voted to get our freedom back and we will not allow a bunch of duplicitous MPs to overturn it.

Yours faithfully,


Concerned Constituent

If you want more traction then why not copy your local paper into the Brexit Betrayal letter / email. Let the rest of your constituency know how you feel and what you are doing to protect their vote.