There are few media figures as inoffensive as Stacey Dooley.  Dooley is an investigative journalist who makes excellent documentaries (if you haven’t seen her interview with jailed ISIS fighters, I recommend it).  She leans to the left of course (she wouldn’t work if she didn’t) but as journalists go, she is one of the better ones.  She also took part in Strictly Come Dancing and Comic Relief, and it is the latter that has landed her in trouble.

When can charitable work land a person in hot water?  When they are white, of course.  The latest episode in the long-running series of open hatred of white people involves condemnation not just of Dooley, but of white people involving themselves in charity work generally.  The attack was initiated by an extreme anti-white MP, one Mr David Lammy.

David Lammy is the future of Labour – if it has a future.  This anti-white party produces MP after MP who clearly loathe those of white skin.  Diane Abbott, a Labour front-bencher and potential Home Secretary, has expressed similar contempt.  Abbott has tweeted that “white people love playing divide and rule”[1], as well as describing Britain as the inventor of racism[2].  Abbott’s dislike of our country and its white majority has been evident throughout her career.  But it is David Lammy, a Labour MP in Tottenham, London, who has made recent headlines for yet more Labour anti-white rhetoric; Mr Lammy condemned Stacey Dooley for her Comic Relief charitable work in Africa, and said the world no longer needs “white saviours”[3].

Lammy not only wants Comic Relief, an annual charitable event that raises millions for good causes, to prevent white people making informative films in Africa, he wants these replaced by African comedians telling anti-white jokes.  Lammy openly promoted a comedian whose act seemed solely to consist of her hilarious contempt for whites.[4]  Could he be any clearer?

This is hardly news though.  Anti-white hatred is widespread and sanctioned.  The media’s response to Lammy’s race-baiting was naturally enough to side with him.  The Scotsman said “Celebrities like Stacey Dooley should think twice about Comic Relief” and accused her , and Comic Relief, of “enduring colonialism”.[5] It is nothing short of stunning – white people must stop being charitable, it’s reminiscent of colonialism.  Hatred doesn’t get much more hateful than that.

The media agrees with Lammy’s take because the media too is openly anti-white.  Here are some actual headlines from various media outlets: “White men must be stopped – The future of mankind depends on it”, “How to talk about white people”, “White privilege has enormous implications for policy”, “Time to profile white men?”, “White guys are killing us”, “I chose not to have children because they’d be white”, “Whites should die”, and the icing on the cake, “10 ways white people are more racist than they realise”.

Just imagine for a moment “white” replaced with any other racial group, and then imagine the outcry.  But this outcry doesn’t occur when whites are attacked, because “white privilege” means it’s not race-hate to hate white people for their race.

White privilege also means that whites are excluded from job applications and can’t complain – if they do, they’ll be racists.  Throughout the public sector, “diversity” requirements mean offices up and down the land openly lament the presence of ‘too many white people’, and set up departments and appoint officers to focus on bringing this horror to an end.

By any objective standard, what I’ve described above amounts to racial oppression and racial abuse.  But as it is aimed at white people, “privilege” means that standard doesn’t apply (itself a form of racial abuse).  Only white majority countries are expected to open our borders to mass immigration, or to disadvantage our majorities with “diverse” employment quotas.  One assumes there is no “diversity” crisis in Nigeria, with offices dedicated to improving non-Black representation.

Nobody in politics will talk about this, it is a major taboo, so once again For Britain will step up to the plate.  We will talk about this, and we will change it.  There is only one way Britain can move on to the future peacefully, and that is for all people to be subject to the same rights and rules, and for anti-white hatred to be tackled and condemned as it would for any other group.

We will end racial segregation and re-instate one law for all.  Furthermore, we’ll protect and preserve the majority British culture, as well as its authority.

Most people are fair-minded and reject racism, but we must understand that anti-white hatred is racism, and we must stamp it out, For Britain.