Press Release

EU Elections

The Brexit betrayal continues, with preparations for EU elections we should not be subject to.

For Britain is NOT standing in the EU Parliamentary Elections

We object strongly to these elections and are reluctant to spend £10,000s of members’ money attempting to get elected to an illegitimate Parliament that we could leave at any time. Therefore, following much discussion, as well as feedback from members and supporters, and in light of recent election results, we conclude that it is not in the interests of our party to stand in the upcoming European elections.

Collaboration approaches rebuffed by other parties

We also acknowledge the surge of concern around ‘splitting the vote’ on this issue. When our collaboration approaches were rebuffed by other parties, the For Britain leadership had to put country first. The EU is not our sole focus, and as a new party. It is important to analyse where we spend our resources, both in terms of money and manpower.

The European Parliament is merely a stage show, making names for politicians. It has no power; the Commission holds the power and the Commission effectively controls elected governments across Europe. We know it will dismiss elected governments it doesn’t approve of, and we certainly know that it will ignore referendum results.

Recent election results here in Britain have revealed something very important: that even at the height of the Brexit scandal, the response of the public is not to vote differently, but to not vote at all.

People don’t trust current parties, any of them. They don’t trust politics at all, and who can blame them?

We will not waiver

For Britain will continue to tell the truth, and it is the truth that will gain the public’s trust. Our party will not waiver in its endeavours. We will reach out to those with no faith in politics, and convince them to rethink, to use their right to vote to make the changes needed for our country. Much of the country doesn’t vote – we will turn that around. Just imagine the power non-voters actually hold!

The battle for this country will not take place in Brussels, it will take place in local councils, then Westminster. That is now our aim and not standing in the enforced EU elections. We have enormous obstacles facing us, and let’s be clear. We will struggle to compete against Nigel Farage and his instant national platform, where he represents the acceptable opposition to the status quo. Farage and others will continue to raise their profile, and bank balance, in Brussels but this will achieve nothing for Britain’s every day working people.

This is the big political game…

and it matters nothing to people struggling to get by as their taxes keep going up, their services continue to be decimated, and their neighbourhoods turn in to places they don’t recognise. This is the battle for Britain – not the stage-show in Brussels.

We will, therefore, focus our efforts on the local elections in May, and I want to thank those who have put themselves forward in spite of all the abuse we are subjected to. The media seems obsessed with us and disseminates outright lies about us everywhere we go. Antifa protest against us everywhere we go. They do not do this to other parties, they do it to us because they know our message is strong.

So we hold our nerve, persevere, and play the long game.

Brexit is the start of the process of getting Britain back, but it will not happen dramatically, or overnight. It will be a long hard slog to gain the trust of the voters, that is our key – we have been honest throughout and that honesty will gain us support. We will persevere and we will fight because our fight is worthwhile.

Parliamentary elections

I know some will be disappointed with this, and it has been a difficult decision to make, but I would urge those who sought to stand in these elections to re-focus on local and Parliamentary elections. That is where our country will recover, not in Brussels.

We know that the EU must be brought down, but this will be done in the nation-states, not a fake Parliament in Belgium. We will continue to work with our friends across the continent to bring the corrupt cabal crashing down, but we must focus here at home, that is where change needs to take place.

Thank you for your continued support. I know this isn’t easy, but I have never wavered and I never will.

We must save Britain by turning the ship back in the right direction. We are authentic and genuine and won’t be intimidated or bought. This is why we are such a target for the press and leftist activists.

I make you a solemn promise that regardless of the difficult time we find ourselves in, I will keep fighting. I will still be here in a decade, and in two decades. I will still be standing, still telling the truth, and still working for the Britain I love.

Please join me.

Anne Marie Waters

For Britain