Press Release

Title: An Easter message from The For Britain Movement.
Date: Saturday 20.04.2019
Notes: For immediate release

This Easter For Britain remember the on-going and daily slaughter of Christians around the world at the hands of Islamic-doctrine soaked Muslims.  This Easter is the right time to remember and highlight these crimes. For Britain says we see what is happening and we a shout about this as much as we are able. However, we note that the British mainstream media and establishment remain quiet on these facts.

Back in our own country, the media and establishment continue to sneer and snark towards all things Christian; and further encourage the general populace to do the same – while at the same time themselves bowing down, submitting to and excusing all ‘indiscretions’  Islamic at every opportunity.

A Time to reflect

This Easter we also think about Asia Bibi; the Pakistani Christian lady who for years remained on death row in Pakistan for alleged ‘blasphemy’ crimes against Mohamed. After many years of tough legal fighting and international pressure, Asia Bibi’s sentence was finally overturned; however she still remains in hiding in Pakistan for fear of her life from the screeching Muslim mobs & clerics. To its shame the UK government, under Theresa May, refused Mrs Bibi safe asylum ‘for the risk of upsetting local communities’- in reality this code means Mrs May did not want to risk upsetting Muslims. Asia Bibi has become a symbol of those Christians around the world who live under on-going persecution in Islamic countries.

This past week we watched the tragic scenes as the over 800 year old Notre-Dame Cathedral burned in Paris. We are still waiting to be told the establishment official line about the cause; we may never know. Whatever we are told, we think upon the past 12 months alone where hundreds of churches right across France have been damaged and degraded at the hands of Muslim groups and individuals. Although like the ‘yellow vest’ protests in Paris, airbrushed out of the UK news.

Christian message

Easter is the most important Christian festival. The Christian message is that; Jesus Christ allowed Himself to take ‘the Cross’ in our place; as ‘payment for, settlement for, the Bill’ of Man’s rebellion and sin. Christian belief is that Christ going to the Cross meant that man could have communion with God again; the God of the Old Testament, the God of Israel. Easter is the message of Salvation and of Hope. This is the Christian message.

Mohammedan/Koranic/Islamic teaching is that Christ did not in fact go to the Cross – but in the last moments ‘he bottled it and swerved it’ and in a supernatural ‘sleight of hand’ ‘allah’ put Judas the traitor on the Cross instead. This is the Islamic belief and the reason why Islam looks to shut down the Christian message with such hatred and ferocity.

Regardless of a person’s beliefs, For Britain recognises the deeply important and foundational role that Christianity has played in our nation’s history, culture and journey. We honour and respect our nations Christian festivals and traditions. We also see that they are being rapidly eroded.  Easter Sunday is a day that Christians remember the resurrection of Christ. Our hope is that as Christians remember the courage and character of Christ, and they find it in themselves to stand further for the persecuted Church around the world, and find new courage to stand for Britain again in a reborn vision of this our nation’s purpose and function.

Easter Greetings and Peace to all,

The For Britain Movement