Press Release

Title: Anne Marie Waters barnstorms about Brexit at Swansea Castle
Date: 27.04.2019
Notes: For immediate use. All images here are free to uplift use and free from licence or restrictions.

Saturday the 27th of April, Swansea Castle Gardens. Anne Marie Waters, Leader of The For Britain Movement, has just come off stage at Swansea Garden Square. At a Brexit Rally organised by local campaigner Stephen Harry. Anne Marie delivered an impassioned and barnstorming speech to a crowd of both local people and people who had travelled in from other parts of south Wales. The For Britain Movement calls for full and complete Brexit now, on WTO terms. Anne Marie Waters message “the current Political class have betrayed you, vote differently, stop voting them back in, I can’t say it enough”

Toot for Brexit

Opening up the speeches at the Rally was Dave Simpson who runs ‘Toot for Brexit’. Toot for Brexit is a hardworking south Wales grass roots group, actively keeping people alerted to appalling betrayal of the referendum. Toot for Brexit is in the same vein as the Yellow vests movement Paris. An organic popular response to the treachery of the incumbent and impotent political establishment. With Dave’s call to action banners up, motorists beeped their agreement as they drove past in response. Hugh Nicklin, recent For Britain Candidate in the Newport West by-election also spoke at the event. Hugh discussed the important historical back story to the Brexit betrayal, and why is so vital that we now leave the EU.

Swansea a refuge city

Sadly, on the run up to today’s public event, the local Labour Council Leader Rob Stewart and his left-wing cronies had disgraced his Public Office, and betrayed the people of Swansea, by acting undemocratically and churlishly to disrupt this free speech event. This would be shocking if it was not now so normalised by the pro-Palestine Left wing elitist Political class that Stewart represent. And their Latte drinking Brown Shirts; in the form of the hysterical ‘Stand up to Racism’, and ‘Hope not Hate’

‘Open borders Stewart’, who has proclaimed ‘Swansea a refuge city’ and aims to score high on the ‘virtue signalling charts’. However, this begs the question; where do the decent working Welsh people. People who have invested generationally into this area, go themselves to seek refuge for Rob Stewart and his extremist ideas? Where do they go to find affordable homes, jobs and good school places as Stewart gifts these resources away to the on-going stream of third world arrives? We implore the good people of Swansea to kick these Labour Quislings out at the ballot box. Ex-servicemen of the British forces sleep rough on the streets of Swansea.

Labour Brown Shirts

From Stewart’s shock troops: Repetitive and illogical slurs where screeched out across the lines. But when Anne Marie Waters engaged with them directly and asked them to come and debate. There was no legible or intelligent response from these hard Lefts open border extremists.

For Britain is a Patriotic party that wants the very best for the people of this nation, and looks to put British people and the interests of this nation first and foremost.