This morning we discovered that unfortunately our party has been suspended from Twitter. This looks to be a permanent ban, but we have not received any notification. Twitter’s censorship of Conservative voices is well documented.

Project Veritas

Project Veritas released undercover footage of Twitter employees stating they censor political opinions of Conservatives.

“A lot of unwritten rules, and being that we’re in San Francisco, we’re in California, very liberal, a very blue state. You had to be… I mean as a company you can’t really say it because it would make you look bad, but behind closed doors are lots of rules.”

“There was, I would say… Twitter was probably about 90% Anti-Trump, maybe 99% Anti-Trump.”

“Yeah, if they said this is: ‘Pro-Trump’ I don’t want it because it offends me, this, that. And I say I banned this whole thing, and it goes over here and they are like, ‘Oh you know what? I don’t like it too. You know what? Mo’s right, let’s go, let’s carry on, what’s next?’”

Find out all about Twitter’s censorship of Conservative voices and help support Project Veritas here. 

Twitter is interfering with British politics

It is very clear: Twitter is interfering with British politics and is busily engaged in the demonetisation and silencing of dissenting political voices.

For Britain has never indulged in racist or hateful behaviour, never encouraged or endorsed violence, so this censorship is based solely upon the fact our political views do not suit the elite – we are silenced because we are a threat to the established order.

We will not allow them to break our spirit. We will continue to fight back.

Help us by making your voice heard. Complain to Twitter. Write to the newspapers. Tell vloggers and bloggers!

Let’s put pressure on Twitter and demand our rightful place on social media.

It is not up to private companies to regulate politics in this way. The influence of the tech giants is too enormous for us to accept this manipulation.

Fight back for free speech… prove that the greater Twitter’s censorship of Conservative voices , the greater our fight back will be.