Mortal Neglect. No other words are sufficient to describe the disgraceful way in which our politicians – and Britain’s internal enemies – are treating our Armed Forces. To this neglect they have added contempt and vindictiveness. The neglect may be seen in these official Treasury figures which show expenditure on our Armed Service as a percentage of GDP.

1947 16%
1950 11.2%
1959 7.0%
1970 5.5%
1990s 4.0%
2003 2.63%
2010s 2.4%
2018-19 2.3%

Much of this decrease in spending is because defence is now much more about machines than it is about men. We no longer have National Service, which forced often unwilling young men into the army. Instead, we have highly professional armed services using high tech weapons.  This is much more efficient and less costly.  However, the decline in spending has continued to the point where it is now leaving us vulnerable.  It should not be allowed to continue any further. It risks our very survival as an independent nation.

Strategic Defence and Security Review

No Strategic Defence and Security Review has taken place since 2015. This is highly significant.  Brexit will certainly have a deep impact on our national Defence policy. Yet the government seems not to be making the changes necessary to prepare for when we leave.  Is this an indication that the government has no intention of taking us out of the EU and wishes for our armed services to be part of a common EU defence force? Make of it what you will.

The fiscal aspect is damning, but more damning is the increase in human cost and suffering to those who have placed their lives in jeopardy for our national defence.

It was reported a short time ago by a retired officer, a Falklands veteran, that more Falklands veterans have now committed suicide than were killed in action in that conflict. This is shocking and shameful. It requires our attention and our action.

The inevitable problems resulting from psychological stress in action, from new stresses in civilian life after retirement, and from loss of comradeship and purpose are simply not being addressed. Meanwhile aliens, whose ideology is based on hatred of our society, and who have expressed a clear desire to destroy our values, are being treated as honoured guests, bad guests who rape and kill our innocent children.

The prosecution and persecution of retired soldiers

Things are even worse than we realise, for our enemies within are now using our own ‘fair’ system to take retired soldiers to court, just for loyally doing their duty in the past. This is a deeply corrupting phenomenon, it is a psychological weapon intended to destroy the morale of our Armed Forces. For they are the best of patriots and they may well be our final shield against the attacks on our freedom by the Globalist-Neo Marxist-Islamic alliance. Each of these enemies of our freedom can only benefit from causing dismay and distrust among our Armed Services.

We are not a poor nation yet those who have risked their lives in our defence are left homeless on our streets by the thousand. This is a disgrace which each one of us must take to heart. For Britain must take action on this. Conditions for ex-servicemen, and disregard for their sacrifices, have fallen back to the 1890’s when Kipling wrote:

‘Yes, making’ mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep
Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap;’

Mortal neglect of our finest men and women can only lead to mortal results in the society they defend, results which the far left seem to intend. We have been warned. We must make For Britain the party of choice for all our Armed Services.

Richard Carlyon 17/06/2019