“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”

Was once said by Oscar Wilde. If that is true, then we at For Britain should be feeling fairly flattered right now.

It seems our inaugural manifesto in 2018 was so good, other parties both old and new couldn’t help but recycle elements for themselves. Both the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage who smeared supporters of leader Anne Marie Waters ‘Nazis and Racists’. And the party he used to lead at the time UKIP seem to think our common sense policies are political gold.

Odd, as the Brexit Party has bizarrely banned For Britain members from joining. Yet it seems to like what we are saying! Bizarre, as UKIP agreed with what Anne Marie said when she was a member. But would whisper to her “we just don’t like the way you say it”.

We fully expect our manifesto this year to be plagiarised, it is going to be even better than last year’s. The beauty of not being a defined left or right wing party is you can just do the right thing. You can pick the best and most sensible direction of travel on any subject.

The only mystery is why anyone would choose the impostors and not the source. Who knows which direction the wind will blow next year for UKIP, and whether their members will be back to being called ‘Nazis’ by their own leadership. If Brexit is delivered, does anyone now trust Farage to preserve British culture that is under attack from all quarters? Islam bullies people and the weak eventually choose the easy path and stop speaking out when they have grave concerns. I don’t think anyone doubts that the one party that stands firm and principled on these issues will capitulate. If you do feel strongly, even if you can’t speak out yourself, you can trust us to fight on your behalf.

We won’t imitate anyone. We won’t steal ideas. We have always thought for ourselves and we always will.

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