We’ve had another clear endorsement from Morrissey! You might have seen on social media that legendary musician Morrissey has been spotted proudly displaying his For Britain badge – twice!


Morrissey IMG: Dream Propaganda

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Morrissey For Britain badge

Morrissey For Britain badge

Morrissey is known for his fantastic music, but also for his politics. He unashamedly stands up for Britain, our culture and heritage, and our working people – the backbone of our nation. He is also passionate about animal welfare. So it should come as no surprise that he has thrown his weight behind our party.

We would like to thank him for his endorsement and courage in defying the lies and smears of the so called journalist and media.

For Britain is a democratic populist party with a constitution that promotes equality. For Britain is a steadfast supporter of the Jewish community and Israel. We campaign on behalf of real people for the people in local communities and one of our primary goals is to fight for animal welfare.