On Sunday 14th July 2019, Philip Hammond made a statement which could be the perfect example of how idiotic the mindset of a remainer can be! He found it necessary to inform the media that the UK would not be able to control all aspects of a no-deal brexit.

No kidding Phil! That’s exactly the same as saying that a bingo player can’t control the numbers pulled out of the bag! Trade deals on a bilateral basis do tend to rely on both parties agreeing terms. Spreadsheet Phil and the MayBot are past their sell-by dates. No matter whatever Parliament does in desperation to cling onto the EU’s skirt, we made our minds up three years ago.

We need to train our sights on what comes next and what the UK wants to become. Not on saving face in front of a failed establishment! Get your leafleting boots on people, we’ve got a country to win 🙂

Richard, Chair of North Staffordshire