I’ve just been talking to a couple of my friends in Parliament, and it looks like my worst fears have been realised.  Labour are going to take a vote of no-confidence to the table as soon as possible. This has important implications for us as a party, because if Labour are able to install a new leader before Halloween, then we’re probably looking at a second referendum. But if they can’t manage that, we’re almost certain to be facing a general election call on November 1st.

We are prepared for future elections

We have no choice but to be ready for the coming fight, whether it be against a new Labour leader (which I predict will be Sadiq Khan or John McDonnell) or the expected new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We haven’t got much time to organise the fight either way, but we’re British and we can pull rabbits out of a hat when we need to. Now really is the time to prove that, as we’re looking at a catastrophe in the making!

Future generations

I trust you, each and every one of you, to do everything in your power to keep this ship, the ‘HMS United Kingdom’ safe for your, my and future generations, no matter the cost, because we’ve got an eternal debt to those who came before us.

  • There have been many lives lost in multiple wars but Britain has survived.
  • There have been many casualties of Muslim Jihadi atrocities but Britain has survived.
  • There is over £2tn national debt but Britain survives.
  • There will one day be a For Britain majority in Parliament and we will ensure that Britain continues to survive and thrive!

We don’t know what defeat is. It’s just a word the weak use to explain failure – we will not fail. We will prevail.

It’s appropriate that this is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing because, as President Kennedy said in his immortal words:
We choose to do this not because it is easy but because it is hard.

Fly safe brothers and sisters. We’re in for a rocky ride, but by jingo we’re going to enjoy every second of it. And when the dust clears, we’ll be able to look back with such pride that it will bring tears to our eyes, knowing what we started and what we managed to deliver – FREEDOM