My name is Nissar Hussain.  I am from a Pakistani heritage and a muslim background. My family and I are internally displaced people, living in hiding in the UK, where we were born and raised. The reason for this is because I am an ex-Muslim. In technical terms, this makes me an apostate, someone who has renounced their old religion. By leaving Islam, I have personally come to know religious persecution. I have sentenced myself and my family to death, even in our supposedly free, democratic country. This is because the punishment for apostasy in all the law schools of the Sharia is, sadly, execution. No other religion has a blanket death sentence for those who leave their religion, only Islam.

I have been invited by Anne Marie Waters’ deputy chair, Kadeeja Adam, to join For Britain to represent ex-Muslims, and I cherish this opportunity to take our case forward. I am grateful to Anne Marie and For Britain for giving us a voice, and for the support of such an enthusiastic group of freedom-lovers from across our great country.

I look forward to working together with you all and increasing awareness of the “Legalise Apostasy” campaign.  We hope to  free 1.6 billion Muslims from a death threat and all ex-Muslims from a death sentence. Kadeeja is an apostate from Islam as well.  As such, she has an instinctive feel for this matter. I know she will be working alongside me and be a great catalyst for change, opening eyes to the disgraceful acquiescence on the part of the authorities and the mendacious advance of the silver-tongued Muslim leaders, the Ulema (scholars).

My Story

You may think that this is the UK and that therefore, we live under common law, but in the Islamic community, the Sharia is adhered to more closely, by many adherents, than are the laws of this land. You need to understand that, for most Muslims, the Sharia is for all time and for all people – Muslim or not – and that the UK’s laws are not from God but are man-made, temporary and over-ridden by the strictures of the Sharia. That is why I was persecuted for nearly two decades, driven from my home on two occasions, and nearly bludgeoned to death outside my front gate. I won’t list here the innumerable other incidents that occurred to cause my PTSD.

How did the authorities help my family and me through this ordeal? They minimised, denied, obfuscated and belittled the issues, and eventually armed Police escorted us from our home after claiming they had “intelligence” on another imminent threat to my life. I believe they just wanted me out of their hair and out of Bradford, as I tied up too many resources and was becoming known as an example of the failure of the Muslim community to integrate and to follow the rule of law.

However, the community was following the law, but that law was the Sharia.  The authorities covered up this law-breaking by describing it as a “community issue”.   This was backed up by the disgraceful, anti semitic Pakistani MP Naz Shah, who is seemingly in cahoots with Toby Howarth the Bishop of Bradford, the agenda-driven Interfaith betrayer who seems keen not apostates,to lose friendship with the muslim community. So, where you see “community issue”, read “Sharia enforcement” – UK-style.

Since my brutal attack and enforced flight from Bradford, I and others began to campaign for all ex-Muslims on behalf of the Legalise Apostasy campaign. The aim of the campaign is to force those who guide and largely control the Islamic community. The Ulema, to rescind all laws punishing apostates from Islam. Is this a difficult task? Yes, and so was the eradication of the slave trade, but Thomas Clarkson and the 11 others who met to begin the campaign to end slavery in the West did eventually succeed. Now we want to free the slaves of Sharia from a threat that terrifies many into staying in Islam and causes immeasurable suffering across the globe.

We believe that this change can be brought about,  first, in the UK, by demanding that politicians deal with the Sharia-enforcers through the use of British law and its statutes, which defend religious freedom. Second, we want, eventually, to free Muslims everywhere from the genocidal grip of the Ulema. By campaigning for reform in the UN and in the institutes run by the Ulema. But to do so, we need to vote for politicians who have the will to act. That is why I and so many ex-Muslims are now joining For Britain.

Legalise Apostasy Petition

For Britain and Anne-Marie Waters have demonstrated immense courage.  Anne Marie has put her head above the parapet and is the only politician to do so. How are we, in For Britain and the Legalise Apostasy campaign going to make these changes? First, we go for the low-hanging fruit.  That is, we bring about change where we remain strong – here in the UK  – and the law can be used to defend our rights. After success here at home, we can begin to apply pressure on the international stage.

But first, we MUST have our laws enforced and the Sharia councils removed. It must be made clear to Muslims that the Sharia’s disgraceful laws requiring the death of ex-Muslims are the absolute opposite of the British people’s unqualified support for tolerance. The means for applying continuous pressure on our cowardly politicians, our supposed “representatives”, is to use the Legalise Apostasy campaign’s petition here.

The petition asks for support for ex-Muslims by demanding the rescinding of the Sharia’s apostate-killing statutes. This is clear and reasonable enough, you would think, for any politician to support. And this is where For Britain supporters can lead the way and demonstrate their courage, their belief in our freedoms. The freedom of all of us to live the life we choose – as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists or non-believers.

Please arrange to meet your MP at a surgery. Print off the Petition (and any supporting documents from the website that you may want to take with you) and when you meet, ask the MP to sign up to support ex-Muslims from being killed. Ask your councillors and other elected representatives at every level to do so. Best of all, ask if you can video it on your mobile phone and download it. Anyone want to front up to Mayor Sadiq Khan and video him signing up to Sharia reform? That will be harder for him than defending his record on knife crime. How about Hope Not Hate too?

Contact Us

Please send copies of the signed Petitions and videos to For Britain at [email protected].  We will host them and drive the campaign:

    • To eradicate the Sharia from our shores.
    • To free ex-Muslims from terror.
    • To re-assert our moral authority as a people.
    • To demand the reform of the Sharia wherever its long arm reaches.

Nissar Hussain

For Britain Islam Spokesperson