By Anne Marie Waters, Party Leader

4th September 2019



The best case scenario is easy. We get out on the 31st of October with a trade deal that allows businesses to do business. Tariff-free movement of goods and services between the EU and the UK is entirely reasonable, and entirely doable if parties are acting in good faith.

The UK does not have to be in a customs union or a single market in order to trade freely with the EU, the only reason for it is the EU’s insistence. Free movement of people is not necessary for free trade either, that’s also a product of Brussels’ ambitions.

As such, the European Union’s machinery would never allow such a scenario to occur, so our best and only option of getting out now is no deal. The failure to secure a simple trade deal is, as Boris Johnson rightly says, largely the fault of the MPs doing their utmost to scupper Brexit. Their continued attempts to keep the Remain dream alive has handed all the advantage to the EU. If Brussels is sure we won’t leave on No Deal, it strengthens their negotiating hand infinitely. The Remain camp is effectively working with the EU to block our exit.

The behaviour of some of our MPs, in failing to respect the Brexit referendum result, is a shocking reality for the British public to face. They want unaccountable power; it’s attractive. They are fully on board with the anti-democratic Brussels bureaucracy, and the direction that Europe is taking, because it is removing the public voice from the governing process. This suits them very much indeed. They think they know best after all.

Members of Parliament have pledged to introduce legislation to the House of Commons forcing Boris Johnson in to yet another extension, and pushing our departure date back until January 2020. This of course is to buy them more time, until they can bring Brexit crashing down altogether, and (they hope) hammer the final nail in to the coffin of the input of the disobedient electorate.

The worst case scenario is staying in, and those who voted to leave left to wonder what happen to their country, what happened to their power. It’s entirely feasible that a Labour government would cancel Brexit altogether, or MPs force through a May-like deal that keeps us in the customs union and single market, i.e. we stay in the EU in all but name.

Then we face the possibility of a decade or more getting bogged down in arguments over the details of the Brexit deal; politicians continuing to play the big political game (that provides them with a handsome living) while the enormous social and cultural problems we face grow ever larger.

We must get out now. MPs have a moral duty to get behind Boris Johnson at this time and deliver the will of the electorate. If they don’t, they must pay with their seats. I sincerely hope that the British public makes sure this is done.