5th September 2019

For Britain is watching the situation with Brexit, and the potential for a General Election closely. A General Election, if called, would clearly be a single issue election.

We, like all democratic people in the country are horrified at the contempt and disregard for the democratic will of the British people shown by politicians from all parties. This has become not just a battle for Brexit, but a battle to restore democracy within the United Kingdom. If Jeremy Corbyn and his consortium are successful, the country has some very dark times ahead. The decent people who support democracy, love their country and want to ensure Brexit happens must come together and do the right thing.

As the situation is fluid, it is impossible to make definitive statements, but I felt it important to state our thinking at this time.

We recognise, for the good of the country, that Brexit must be delivered. In the recent EU elections, our members overwhelmingly supported For Britain not standing candidates to risk splitting the vote. We cannot allow Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister via the back door, and for Brexit to be thwarted. So with this in mind, our position will be to act in a way that minimises the risk of splitting ‘Leave’ votes, a Labour Government or Brexit not being delivered. It is our view that by rejecting the chance of ‘no deal’, the politicians are effectively undermining any negotiation ability, and as such trying to land us in a position of no Brexit. This must not be allowed to happen.

There may be a seat with unique circumstances that warrant our standing a candidate, and these will be reviewed if that situation arises, and we will keep you informed of our intention and rationale. Our strategy of building the party up from a local level will of course continue, as will our long term vision which will ultimately bring us power.