By Anne Marie Waters, Party Leader

10th September 2019

Some things don’t age very well – especially Jeremy Corbyn’s demands for a general election!  It must be embarrassing for Labour at present.  Not only do they have to crawl backwards on their hitherto insistence on an election, but they find themselves in a position where they are promoting a ridiculous policy of negotiating a deal with the EU and then campaigning against it.

In the latest episode of the Brexit saga, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once again failed to persuade Parliament to back a General Election.  Labour don’t want one, despite all the months they were calling for one.  They’ve come up with the rather lame excuse that they do want an election, just not on Boris Johnson’s terms.  Tripe.  Labour is running scared.  On his Twitter account, Corbyn insists he wants rid of Johnson’s government, so it is obvious then that he doesn’t think he can win, and he’s probably right.

Meanwhile, Parliament has now been suspended, and already EU leaders are hinting that they will allow an extension of Brexit – of course they will, the EU doesn’t want the UK cash cow to depart.  Just like other referenda in countries across Europe, the EU machine will happily ignore the result of this one and carry on as before. 

Boris Johnson’s promises to take us out of the EU on October 31st are now in serious doubt, but few will blame Johnson himself.  Our opportunity to change the House of Commons has been denied to us by MPs, whose opposition to democracy becomes ever clearer by the day.

Labour, a party whose heartlands voted to Leave, has turned its back on the British working class, whose livelihoods they claim to be defending.  Labour acts as if there will be no employment rights outside the EU, their entire premise is built on nonsense.  Their policy on Brexit as it stands is nothing less than laughable.  In fact, it’s making for some good comedy hits on social media.

Essentially, Labour are now stating this: if they were in power they would negotiate a deal with the EU that maintains employment and environment laws etc, and then they would campaign to Remain.  In short, they’ll negotiate a deal and then campaign against it.  It truly has gotten to new levels of ineptitude now. 

Labour is revealing, more and more each day, its absolute contempt for the voice of the British voting public.  In backing Remain, it trampled all over its own voters’ choice, and now, in disallowing a general election, it is doing the same. 

What is needed is for all of us who are pro-Brexit to get behind Boris Johnson at this time.  Ukip should get behind him, Farage should get behind him.  We should leave as promised on October 31st, without a deal, and begin the process of putting Great Britain back together again.  Failing this, a general election in which all Brexiteers get behind Boris, so we can get out – once and for all. If not, this will drag on for decades and professional politicians will make a handsome living out of it; Farage has done so for decades.

We must get the country back in order, but we must never forget what so many MPs have done.  They have denounced the voice of the public, they have shown us their contempt time after time.  When we get out of the EU, we then get on with the business of draining the swamp – by throwing them out of the Commons and reminding them of exactly who is in charge.