Press Statement : 24th September 2019

The For Britain Movement strongly disagrees with the decision reached today by the Supreme Court that the Queen’s prorogation of parliament is void. 
As pointed out in the Law Spokesman’s blog yesterday, the principle that parliament is sovereign is at the heart of UK’s unwritten constitution, but it is not a replacement for the constitution. The court failed to address in its reasons,  and the government failed to argue, the extent of the present constitutional crisis we are now in. It is illogical for the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty to be cited to justify surrendering that sovereignty against the will of the British people formally expressed in a referendum. 
The Supreme Court’s decision is impeccably expressed, and in accordance with convention, but fails to reflect the unprecedented paradox the country faces. An opportunity to remind parliament of the basis of its sovereignty, the consent of the people, and thereby bring some order to the chaos has been missed.