Important Message re PayPal (please read the whole message)

9th October 2019

updated 11th October

On Tuesday the 8th of October, PayPal decided to close the For Britain account without warning or explanation.

An automated email informed us that the account was suspended immediately, and in 6 months they will let us know if they intend to return to us any funds they are holding.

This has the effect of cancelling thousands of member subscriptions who pay via that method, and is of course harmful to the party.

Members are now asked to pay their subs by another method, ideally bank transfer.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. It’s staggering that private companies have the power to interrupt and obstruct is in this way.

Alarmingly, this suspension was not explained when we contacted PayPal. Our legal officer has written to them and I contacted the MD, Cameron McLean, who has not yet had the courtesy to reply.

He and PayPal have happily taken thousands in fees, but won’t explain the reason for their decision – the reality being, this is politically motivated and they cannot justify the suspension for any other reason.

We of course appeal against this discriminatory decision.

For Britain has not broken any of the Terms & Conditions. PayPal reference the fact that in their pre-written automatic email that they can effectively do whatever they wish.

So this is clearly a political decision aimed at defunding us. This won’t work.

In a sane world, all people on all sides would be alarmed by this. Large companies exercising this much power over politics is a profound threat (yet another one) to our democracy.

We know our media and politicians celebrate these interferences, even though the winds may blow in their direction one day.

For Britain is listed on the Electoral Commission website as a major political party. To have the ability to disrupt politics in this way is something that must be dealt with, and pushed back.

We are aware of other organisations that have suffered a similar fate yesterday – the constant theme being they are also non-left wing.

Please don’t let them win!

Please set up your new payment methods, and help us in this short term cashflow issue by buying conference tickets and donating. Don’t let them have the satisfaction – fight back and answer them by making us bigger and stronger.

This is evidence why For Britain must succeed and turn the dangerous tide.

We will continue to fight back no matter what they throw at us. But we can only do it with your support.

Thank you.

The For Britain Leadership Team