Open Letter to Randall Roberts and the Los Angeles Times

Khadija Adam, For Britain Deputy Chair


The headline of your article of 24th October 2019 claims Morrissey is “anti-immigrant”. He is not. He is a supporter of The For Britain Movement which wants to see limited immigration for skills that are in short supply in the UK. What we aren’t in favour of is the current unlimited mass immigration, much of it of unskilled people from the Third World, equivalent to a city the size of Anaheim moving net to England each year. Immigration has to be limited to be sustainable, a majority view in the UK and Europe. England is already the most crowded European country with extreme pressure on social services, housing, the benefits system and more.

The headline also claims For Britain is “a white nationalist political party”. That’s a white nationalist party with, err, a Pakistani-heritage ex-Muslim woman (me) as its Deputy Chair and an incredibly diverse membership! We have no policies that any reasonable person could describe as “white nationalist”. This is a mere defamatory slur. Anybody can check this by simply visiting our web site (something I’d expect a ‘journalist’ to do if they aren’t merely an activist. I have never experienced any racism from any For Britain member, and if I did, I’m sure my boss would instantly cancel their membership. Your claim is nonsense.

Also nonsense is the claim in Randall Roberts’ piece that For Britain is “a far right political party”. Wikipedia does indeed say we are far right, but that’s only because Wikipedia is run by people of the same political persuasion as Randall Roberts who have locked the page to stop anyone correcting it. It is a left wing blog and people do not take it seriously anymore. Again, Los Angeles Times readers don’t need to take my word for it: try editing For Britain’s page on Wikipedia with some positive information and see how far you get.

Nobody who has called us “far right” will ever say what they think “far right” means exactly, even though our press officer Ian McFadzean has specifically challenged them to. Not a single one has been able to articulate the rationale behind the words they write. Isn’t that something?

They won’t define it because any definition that includes For Britain will have to be so broadly drawn as to be patently ridiculous. For Britain believes in 1) British sovereignty outside the EU, 2) tightly limited immigration and 3) stopping Britain becoming an Islamic state, which on current demographic trends must happen in the middle third of this century unless the UK’s immigration and social policies change drastically. If that makes For Britain “far right”, then so are most people in the UK, because all three points are majority views here.

Randall Roberts describes For Britain’s leader Anne Marie Waters (AMW) as being “anti-Islamist” as if that’s a bad thing. The Koran says that husbands who fear disobedience from their wives should beat them (4:34), that thieves should have their hands chopped off (5:38) and that unbelievers are the worst of created beings but Muslims are the best of people (98:6-7). Sharia law which is part and parcel of Islamism says that women who commit adultery, homosexuals, apostates and anyone who criticizes Muhammed or Islam should be killed.

Islamism is a supremacist ideology that seeks to supplant the West. Anyone who supports Western liberal values such as free speech, gender equality and non-violent punishments for offenders should be anti-Islamist. The largest poll in the UK of it’s type revealed over half of UK muslims believe homosexuality should be a criminal offence. Do you therefore not understand why this may be an issue to the leader of a party who is gay herself? This intolerance does not belong in the 21st Century.

I can speak with authority on these matters due to my Islamic upbringing and living in the muslim community. The reality of life experience led me to For Britain as nobody else will confront the truth and talk about it. I do not wish to see this problem continue to grow unchallenged in my country.

Finally, Roberts criticises AMW for talking about what he calls “white replacement theory” regarding “the replacement of white Europe by non-Europeans”. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. London, Birmingham and Leicester have always been majority white British cities; in the 2011 census they were no longer. White Britons will be minorities in many more English towns and cities in the 2021 census. White British babies have been the majority in the British Isles since the end of the Ice Age; that will cease being the case in the early 2020s. If that’s not “the replacement of white Europe by non-Europeans”, what on Earth is it? Randall Roberts might prefer people to pretend not to notice it, but not talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Roberts rounds off his article by approvingly quoting a long list of people who have “cancelled” Morrissey by refusing to play his music on radio or booking him for concerts. He does let the other side get one word in: Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who says “Everyone in this country and anywhere, in my belief, is entitled to their opinions, even if I am not a proponent of that mindset.” I agree. Indeed the importance of free speech is one of For Britain’s main policies, but it is disappearing in the UK under “hate speech” laws designed by people like Randall Roberts.

Morrissey and I believe in Randall Roberts’ right to free speech; it is clear he doesn’t believe in ours.

It would be good if Randall Roberts and the Los Angeles Times could allow their readers to judge Morrissey and For Britain on what we have actually said, rather than fact-free assertions dredged up from Wikipedia and articles by other left wing journalists. Let alone such arrant nonsense as describing a party with a British Pakistani ex-Muslim Deputy Chair as being “white nationalist”.

Yours sincerely,

Khadija Adam

For Britain Deputy Chair.