By Anne Marie Waters

30th October 2019

If our world ever regains its sanity, future historians will look back in horror at the era we live in at present. They’ll do this with much justification, and nowhere will this historical insanity be more stark than in our current obsession with all things “trans”.

Let’s be clear about something. The tiny percentage of people who are truly life-long transsexuals, who simply cannot and do not accept their bodily sex, are not actually to blame for this madness. There have always been transsexuals, people with gender dysphoria (described by the NHS as “distress, anxiety, uncertainty and persistently uncomfortable feelings about their biological sex”), or others who are simply a bit different to the norm in terms of gender behaviour or conformity, but never have they pushed for the current state of affairs, and they’re not the ones overwhelmingly pushing for it now. This monstrous situation is the work of the extreme communist Left, intent on doing irreparable damage to Western society at every opportunity. They wish to subvert reality, deny truth, and they are using confused and vulnerable children to do so.

I attended a conference this week entitled ‘Inventing the Transgender Child, a new Sex Education?’ and I came away knowing that this situation is even worse than I imagined. I imagined it was pretty bad. Somehow, overnight and from nowhere, books in children’s schools are telling them that there are dozens of genders and the child gets to choose from a vast array of options. Such books matter-of-factly describe our natural sex as merely “assigned at birth”. The problem is that, apparently, the sex “assigned at birth” may not match a person’s “gender identity”.

Babies can’t talk, we are informed, and so their “gender identity” is guessed at by reference to the physical body. In other words, babies can’t tell us what gender they are, so it is “assigned” based on bodily appearance. Unfortunately, these “assignments” are often the wrong ones and need to be fixed with expensive medications and surgeries. Someone is getting rich from this, of that you can be certain.

Words like “cis” and “non-binary” have been shoehorned in to the language that children are hearing and reading, and of course, all of it nonsense with no basis in evidential fact. Yes, gender dysphoria exists, but this is not gender dysphoria, this is invention, it is the deliberate wrong-footing and confusion of both children and parents for political ends. It spectacularly pigeon holes people by forcing absurd categories and identities upon them, rather than leaving them to be the individuals they are.

This is communism; individuality crushed, replaced by categorization.

Parents have an equally hard time. They are made to feel that they are guilty of “hate” (what else?) if they dare to question this utter madness, so they stay quiet and go along. What makes it immeasurably more difficult for them is the collusion of the police and politicians with the toxic “trans” agenda. Parents can see that people can be arrested for criticizing this cult, and this is simply because the communists have gotten a firm hold on the police, as they have the entire public sector.

To fight back against this, we must first realise what it is. The slow march of communism is exploiting children, and mentally torturing them with profound identity crises imposed from outside. Kids will always struggle with identity, or suffer low self-esteem, and the communists have grabbed hold of this to reshape society to their model.

Once again, For Britain is leading the way in recognizing this, and demands the right of parents, and young people, to speak out against it. The complete de-politicisation of the police, the end of public funding for transctivism groups, and the total exposure of this child-manipulating scam, are the first and minimum steps that need to be taken.

In our 2019 manifesto, For Britain will take exactly these steps. We will speak to the parents too frightened or confused to confront this growing menace.

We cannot simply stand by on this one, history will not forgive us if we do.

Anne Marie Waters
For Britain