Dear UKIP Member,

As an ex member of UKIP myself, it gives me no pleasure to see the party destroy itself with ever increasing internal warfare. Like so many others, I left due to the politics within the party, and the inconsistency of views from top to bottom.

Gerard Batten helped UKIP financially with a high risk strategy that alienated some members but brought in many more. Rather than stick with this strategy they have attempted to return to the days pre The Brexit Party, and this is a fatal flaw. Like him or loathe him, Farage and The Brexit Party owns ‘hard Brexit’ and the new UKIP membership is disillusioned at the NEC’s behaviour and leaving in droves. UKIP will never ‘out-Brexit’ The Brexit Party.

The latest leader Richard Braine has now gone and it is hard to see how the party can continue in any form. Certainly not with any credibility. As I said, this isn’t pleasant to see, but it seems there is a huge self destruct button in UKIP that a succession of people are intent on pressing. There’s no future there – it may be harsh to say it, but it is true.

The good news for frustrated UKIP members is that there is another party that has none of the baggage you have had to endure. Leader Anne Marie was treated appallingly in the run up to the UKIP leadership election in 2017, and as a result set up our party, For Britain.

It is a party that has absolute consistency of viewpoint from top to bottom. What we stand for is clear and unwavering, and as our manifesto demonstrates, our policies are probably the best of any political party in the country right now. Our new manifesto due to launch at Party Conference is even better.

UKIP members are joining, and in some cases entire branches are coming across as they see the difference. If you would like Anne Marie and/or our committee members to visit your branch to tell you what we are about, or to talk to you individually then please make contact at [email protected].

Anne Marie is the best leader UKIP never had, and For Britain is the party that UKIP could have been under her leadership. But with areas such as animal welfare, climate science and gender issues, we now have moved way beyond what UKIP can offer, so get in touch. We are a great family, from all walks of life and backgrounds, and you will be most welcome. We want clean Brexit, we want an end to the EU project, but we are also fighting for what comes next. We have a long battle ahead.

Join us, we are the only party speaking about what is really important for this great country. We are the only ones that will save it.

To be a part of the For Britain family click here

Ed DeMolay

Party Chairman