By Anne Marie Waters 

7th November 2019

Tom Bower has given his book an interesting title: ‘Dangerous Hero’. I would say he is half right. Dangerous yes, but no hero, certainly not to the majority of British people.

I recently finished reading this astounding book, and while the contents are known, they are nonetheless shocking. Jeremy Corbyn’s political history is one that should frighten the British public, and frighten them enough to never allow this man to take the country’s helm in 10 Downing Street.

His career is a festival of anti-Britishness. He (and his comrades) come from the tradition of the extreme Left; anti-Western, anti-America, and anti-Israel. Such sentiments shape his thinking and he seeks nothing more than the complete destruction of the Britain we know and love.

A consistent supporter of open border migration, Corbyn has long sought to open Britain up to all comers. During his years as a Labour councilor in London, he promoted the building of council blocks, often on rare green spaces, and if local people objected, he dismissed them as racists. He was particularly keen on building in middle class or ‘upmarket’ areas, again dismissing all resistance as prejudice or bigotry.

Corbyn likes to call himself a pacifist, but not where the IRA is concerned. He invited its leaders to the House of Commons within weeks of the bombing of the Tory party conference in Brighton in 1984. Five people were murdered in this IRA attack, with 31 injured, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher narrowly escaped with her life. Corbyn’s “pacifism” however did not extend to keeping the IRA out of the UK’s Parliament buildings.

He became a “pacifist” again however following the Islamic terror attack on New York City in 2001; his “pacifism” wasn’t invoked to condemn the attack on our friend and ally the United States, but to condemn any potential US retaliation. Following 9/11, Corbyn and some of his comrades founded the Stop the War Coalition – a group which would go on to include some of the nastiest Islamist groups in the country, and it is here that his romance with Islam began.

Corbyn is fervently pro-Islam and no matter the issue, no matter the cause, he will take the side of Muslims. In doing so, he has turned his back on Hindus (in the case of Kashmir) and of course Jews. Anti-semitism is something that Corbyn had in common with Islamist groups, and where they found their most fertile common ground.

Bower’s book confirms what we already know – that Corbyn has serious discomfort with Jews. A champion of minorities and immigrants throughout his career, Jews have long been a notable exception to this rule. Bower states clearly that in Corbyn’s eyes, all Jews are “guilty”. Whether they are in north London or Tel Aviv, to Corbyn, they are all the same.

Furthermore, like so many on the Left, in his dalliance with Islam, Corbyn is more than willing to turn his back on women and gay people. Anyone who knows Islam knows it’s horrific attitude to women (whom it views as property) and of course of homosexuals. A majority of British Muslims believe homosexuality should be criminal, but Corbyn is silent, despite pretending to be a champion of equality. He is silent too on sharia law, the appalling system under which women are treated as worth half of men, and which is practiced informally across the UK without objection from Corbyn or any of his Labour front bench allies.

Speaking of which, those who would take major offices of state should Labour win a general election, have views almost as alarming as his own. Two of Corbyn’s long term allies are repeatedly referred to in the book: John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

Abbott’s anti-British views have been well publicized. The book quotes her as stating “every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us”. McDonnell is little better. An avowed Trotskyist, he was a supporter of Trotsky’s “permanent state of unrest” philosophy. What this means in short is that in order to bring down a society, one must create endless problems, stir up division and hatred, pit one against the other until the system collapses, then rule over the rubble.

Corbyn is distinctly unimpressed by European culture as well. In one example, he is described as standing in view of Vienna’s iconic Ringstrasse, and denouncing it as “capitalist”. His economic views are every bit as extreme as his anti-Westernism. He is a supporter of all things communism-like, seeking to end private ownership, and seize private wealth.

In short, Jeremy Corbyn and his allies present a serious and major threat to the UK’s well-being and prosperity. There is no doubt that they would happily bring Great Britain to its knees if given half the chance. Let’s not forget either, that Corbyn was elected Labour leader by a significant majority. We must learn a vital lesson from this: Labour is now an extreme Left-wing party and there is no way back. The working class people once represented by Labour have been abandoned, in favour of mass migration and niche minority causes.

The people of Britain need an alternative. They need and deserve a party that will stand up for them, that cares about them, and that intends to act in the best interests of our citizens and their children. That party is here. That party is For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters


For Britain