By Paul Burgess, Spokesman on the Environment


A short Note

Explaining the IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This is assumed to be a scientific body but it is not. It organises scientists from many counties to produce reports on this basis:-

  1. Each scientist must conform to its own government’s rules and policies. They are appointed to uphold their government’s policies.
  2. Each IPCC report is produced from a panel that includes many non-scientific government and UN people.  It is, after all, an inter-government organisation and not an independent scientific body.
  3. Reports are edited by non-scientists who overrule scientists and have the final say.  All reports have to be passed by all governments before being published.
  4. The results are that many scientists have left and protested against the reports.
  5. Many governments see it as a transfer of wealth from the Western countries to the underdeveloped countries.

So it is not what people think that it is, but there is also one very important aspect to it’s charter that renders it useless anyway. It is confined to only studying man-made climate change.

It is a simple fact that throughout the history of the earth there has been climate change, sometimes really huge changes such as the ice ages. So in order to understand any effect by humans on climate change, you must understand the natural cycles and these are totally ignored.

Otherwise how can you tell what man does without knowing what is there naturally anyway? That simple fact renders all the work useless.

Today we live in a world that assumes all natural climate change has stopped. A world where, as ClimateGate showed, scientists try to manipulate data to remove things such the medieval warming period and the mini-ice age.

In this new brave world the only thing that controls climate is a single factor – CO2. They act as if the climate is controlled by this one dial, like a thermostat. Governments argue in conferences how to control the future temperature of the earth by this single trace part of the atmosphere- just one molecule in every 2,000.  All based on ignoring all the natural cycles of the climate – truly absurd.

The IPCC is an organisation of world governments promoting government policies and not what many think it is – a scientific organisation based on science.