Well we did it. We improved on last year!

The For Britain Party (FBP) returned to Merseyside for our 2019 National Party Conference.

As last year, the event was a sell-out, with members bringing guests from other parties to sample what the For Britain family is all about. Tables were decorated with balloons, union flags adorned each table and rousing music played to set the mood. Right from the start, the atmosphere was positive and upbeat, with everybody socialising and getting to know each other. It was great to see returning faces, as well as faces new.

Across the stage a banner proclaimed “Punk Rock of Politics – For Britain” confirming FBP as the anti-establishment, rebellious political party that dares to say it as it is. Just after 10am, with people still queuing at the entrance, a screen at the front displayed a video of lady looking at her watch as though waiting for something, and a countdown clock started. At zero, and with a bang, a video launching the conference played, summarising 2019 and announcing the launch of the new party manifesto for 2020.

Party Deputy Chair Kadeeja Adam introduced our host for the day David Vance, returning for a second year to manage proceedings. Kadeeja had the audience laughing when she said that we nearly did not have the venue, as The Labour Party tried to book it for the same day. However, luckily for us, Diane Abbott tried to place the booking, and when asked to confirm numbers arrived at a figure of several hundred thousand!

First up, Katie Hopkins on video from America. She apologised for not being able to attend this year, but sent best wishes and a message of support for all attending. She also announced that to compensate, she is holding an event with For Britain in Birmingham called ‘Offensive’ on the 3rd December. It will be a relaxed fun evening and a chance for people to have a bit of a laugh and let their hair down.

David Vance followed with a good humoured speech, summarising all the political parties and their various states of chaos. He stated his belief that the FBP are uniquely poised to take advantage of the general unhappiness from the public with all the parties, who are failing them on just about everything!

After David, we had a very moving talk from a military veteran, himself campaigning for veterans, and seeking change to their appalling neglect, from issues such as homelessness and suicide. He ended his speech with an extremely moving poem, which gained an ovation from the audience. Unfortunately the speaker does not wish to be named due to intolerance from the left wing, who he believes will hamper his cause.

Next up was Damien Ryan, who spoke about his persecution from Rotherham Council, following on from his speech last year. Incredible to know that a council which failed countless children over many years are focusing their efforts on hounding a father because he had the temerity to speak out about issues that they’d prefer remain unspoken. The video cannot yet be posted due to an upcoming employment tribunal, but to give you an idea, one of the charges against him is that he ‘showed dislike for Jeremy Corbyn’.

A break followed allowing attendees to browse the For Britain shop, bursting with a great new range of merchandise. Popular amongst guests was the tee-shirt as worn by Morrissey, proclaiming dislike for The Guardian!

After refreshment, the audience settled down to a startling video from Dr Bill Warner entitled ‘Civilisation War’. Bill had just returned to the US from a trip to Europe, otherwise would have attended, but he addressed the conference via the big screen and his hard hitting message gave everyone something to think about.

After Bill, FBP spokeswoman Barbara Wood gave an incredibly detailed and fascinating speech on issues of gender (though we should not use that term) and “trans” issues. Barbara had dozens of members ask her afterwards for more information, and we will add her speech in documented format to the site. Her info sheet on the law around these issues will also be made available, as people have requested that this too is made available.

Before lunch we had some awards – the For Britain Britannia awards, with Nominations Officer Mike Speakman and Anne Marie giving a medal and certificate to members who have gone above and beyond with their work for the party. The Britannia will become a regular award each year at conference. A special award was given to Morrissey, in standing up for free speech, and will be sent to him. We’ve let him know that he won!

Other worthy winners were:-

Delroy Noel

Richard Taylor

Jim Miller

Frankie Rufalo

The reality is, so many of our members could have been nominated, it is a shame to limit it to just four.

Lunch followed, and for the non-vegetarians and vegans, a delicious meat and potato pie with mushy peas was served up! The giant pies were cut up and served and seemed to go down well, along with the trifle and cake! The atmosphere continued to be extremely positive, everyone getting along well and the feeling was one of a large family. Some guests who visited from UKIP remarked just how refreshing it was to feel such positivity, and to hear such a diverse range of topics being discussed.

Anne Marie then took the stage after lunch to talk about the issues that have shaped the manifesto for 2020. She reiterated her belief that the FBP has the best manifesto of any political party in the UK. Without constraint from right wing or left wing thinking, it can simply reflect common sense, moral and correct policies across all subject matters. From trans issues to climate, from education to immigration, these are the issues of our time in the UK and the party has a stance in line with the British public, not the politicians in Westminster. Anne Marie’s rousing speech received a standing ovation.

Watch it now…

Following Anne Marie, Julian Leppert delivered a good humoured talk on how he became elected as a Councillor in Epping Forest. He referenced the local media who proclaimed a headline ‘no place for this party in Epping Forest’, shortly before he won. Clearly there is a place as he pointed out to laughter! It highlighted the positive effect on our popularity from counter campaigning; how far left rhetoric is generally disregarded by the normal people of the UK and in reality pushes people the other way.

Julian was followed by one of our ‘For Britain Youth’ members, Frankie Rufolo. He had the audience in stitches with a passionate speech about his worldview and how he believes the youth are rebelling against establishment narrative. Frankie has stood for election in the past and is standing again in Exeter in December 2019. Julian was followed by by another youth member Jack Rockett, who echoed many of Frankie’s sentiments. Jack confessed to nerves beforehand, speaking to hundreds of people, but did a great job and was applauded off the stage.

Another break was followed by another video from America – this time Pamela Geller. Pamela and Anne Marie discussed many things, from the jihadi attempts on her life through to the fact that she will be coming to the UK to celebrate a For Britain political victory in the future (this led to cheers and thunderous applause).  Incredibly, Pamela is currently banned from entering the UK thanks to Theresa May, an astonishing situation for someone who helps victims of Islam and has never once promoted anything violent or dangerous. The audience was engrossed in Pamela’s story and the video is well worth watching.

The formalities of the day ended with an amusing raffle hosted by Mike Speakman, and formalities were brought to a close by David Vance.

Members and guests continued to mingle and the feedback post event has been overwhelming in positivity. Thanks for all the kind comments, it is greatly appreciated.

Download our manifesto for 2020