From Nissar Hussain, Islam Spokesman

22nd November 2019

Here’s to Sharia Enforcement! Halal – ujah!

“We have suffered a total and unmitigated defeat… and I do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning.”
Churchill on Munich

What Churchill had to say on Chamberlain’s appeasement is quite appropriate today. The reckoning will come and the weakness and delusion of New Labour, the LibConnners and the feeble Tories in the face of the Sharia enforcers will haunt them. When new parties like ours will replace this tired old guard of time-servers and self-serving naifs.

Their gutlessness in failing to enforce our widely-regarded animal protection norms, allowing the daily mass slaughter of terrified and un-stunned livestock across the country will not be forgotten. This abject failure clearly demonstrates their lack of resolve in the face of an intransigent group whose long-term objectives are the eradication of all such legal constraints, and our eventual subjugation to the halal/haram continuum.

Be under no illusion about the strategic focus of Islam’s governing class; their jurists known as the Ulema. The famous strategist Liddell Hart made the point that if you had to define strategy in one word that word would be concentration. And the Ulema understand strategy as they have the knowledge, born of a Millenia of expansion, to view matters over the very long-term – they are in no rush.

They are happy to allow the centuries-long concentration of their compounding efforts to eventually bring about their aim – a Muslim dominated UK state with subject peoples living under their laws, the Sharia.

Ridiculous, you think. No. Ask the remaining Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, or the remaining Christians there such as Asia Bibi, or those who only recently resided in Iraq and Syria. Better ask them soon, as soon there won’t be many to make enquiries of. There are none left across North Africa after their expulsion by the Almohads back in the day. That day being 800 years ago in the time of the vaunted Al-Andalus Caliphate, reputedly of toleration unbounded – which you will no doubt have heard so much about from mendacious supremacists or ignorant useful idiots).

Schools, supermarkets and countless other institutions are busy serving up halal products with the recipients being in absolute ignorance of the horrific demise of the donor. The ready acceptance of this situation encourages the Ulema in their assessment of the weakness inherent in our fading culture. All they have to do is shuffle us towards the exit, murmur comforting noises and let demographics and spinelessness do the rest.

The childless politicians and highly educated women who now predominate in the professions will see to the decline whilst quietly acceding to the calculated salami-slicing by the Ulema (all men of course) of our norms and freedoms.

Like the South African rugby team, the Ulema have a simple strategy. The South Africans relied on their scrum and everything resulted from this simple focus. For the Ulema, their intransigence will trump the vacillation and wilful ignorance of the arrogant new elite before, they hope, the mass can replace them with a group more on their mettle. Time will tell, but the cost will probably be great. It was after Munich, and it could well be this time too.

Both left and the supposed right are complicit in this failure. The left after winning the culture wars and the right the economic ones. Both now feed on the carcass of our past achievements and have ready excuses for their acceptance of new values which make a mockery of their past “beliefs”.

White working-class males for the left are now simply white supremacist bigots, rather than the down-trodden workers of the past; and work-shy girls happy to pump out new bairns to keep them housed and catered for from the public teat, are now for the right the mental health casualties of the money-grubbing elite. And all bow obediently to my fellow “people of colour” with their strong religious faith and readiness to assert it.

How to turn this around swiftly? Support our simple strategy. Take up the noble cause of the ex-Muslims and remove all threats to them as this will begin the de-fanging of Islam and kick-start its rapid decline. Without retaining the threat inherent in the mass-murdering decrees so prevalent in all the Sharia manuals, the religion’s leaders will be exposed for what they are: a cabal of macho theocrats with sociopathic tendencies who love to wield their power over the cowed masses they so enjoy “leading”.

If these are respectable community leaders, then Stalin, Mao and Hitler were wonderful yoof-club mentors. Ask the Hindu historians in India of the centuries of Hindu-culling by the Islamic invaders and Mughals – they knock all the above into a cocked hat. Time to call “Time!”.

Take the fight to the halal merchants who profit from the trade. Take the fight to the Ulema in their haunts. Take the fight to your MP. Use the Legalise Apostasy campaign petition to demand the release of the unwilling flock. Amend the apostasy laws and watch as Islam collapses as the herd rushes for the gates as there will be no genocidal statutes to bring them to heel by terrifying them and turning them back to face the Imams and the rabid Sharia-enforcers.

The Ulema will be crushed in the rush and the halal laws will be trod into the dirt along with them.

As the Yanks say, do the math. If hundreds of millions of Muslims become ex-Muslims, the daily painful killing of millions of animals will reduce in line with the open wound through which ex-Muslims find their freedom.

Then, truly, we can cry “Hallelujah!”