Anne Marie Waters

November 25th 2019

Today I produced some videos showing an ambush on myself and other For Britain members by Antifa on Saturday night. The videos are at the bottom of this article, as well as some of the mugshots of the mob we are looking to identify.

We started the evening at the Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel (infamous for its Kray twins connections!) where we met with Eddy Butler, an expert on the East End, who had arranged a walking tour around the area.

Around halfway through the tour, a group began to form behind us and I was told we had to get a move on. It’s always a bit of a shock to the system when things like this happen – they are thankfully rare – but my immediate concern was our safety, as we were considerably outnumbered. In front of us was a Tesco store, so we went in there to find a safe place to call the police. The staff were excellent, and kept the thugs at bay.

Antifa were soon on Twitter boasting of their exploits (@slamtifa).  No surprises there.

We’ve today followed up with a formal report to police, as well as letters to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and the Member of Parliament for the area, Rushanara Ali MP. Further information will follow.

The most important things to take away from this are to recognise the reality of Antifa, and to remember what they are – cowards. We must never be afraid of this crew, they are bullies and they cannot dictate our political life.

Despite our manifesto, our constitution, as well as my repeated and consistent statements that we believe in the equal rights of all people, they still call us racists. Despite the fact that we passionately call for the voice of the people to be elevated to power, they still call us fascists. Despite our consistent opposition to the very ideology, as well as our consistent condemnation of anti-Semitism, they still call us Nazis. There is simply no reasoning with them, no debate, just thuggery… but we will not give in.

I want to remind members that this is extremely rare, and that our candidates have enjoyed previous campaigns in complete safety. These people are bullies, and we won’t indulge them. What we will do is fight back in the most effective way we can. We know that Antifa’s worst nightmare is our success at the ballot box, so let’s make sure they have some new nightmares next May! I am more determined than ever and I want you to join me. Think about standing for local government in May, it’s the best possible way to stand up against this thuggery.

We will also of course be pursuing the matter with the police. This was criminal behaviour and we will insist it is taken seriously. The Metropolitan police investigated when Anna Soubry was called a Nazi, so we demand the same. You will hear on the video that we are repeatedly referred to as neo-Nazis. If it matters when it happens to Anna Soubry, it matters when it happens to us.

The core problem here is that nothing is done about left-wing violence. It’s been going on for years now and yet the press remains silent… we don’t hear much from so-called ‘leaders’ either. Politicians only seem to care about political intimidation when left-wing or pro-Remain people are on the receiving end.

Antifa are mindless zombies, and their only aim is to shut down free debate. We will not let them. For Britain aims to bring change via the ballot box, because we believe in democracy. We know that millions agree with our message, and we will reach them, no matter what the street thugs of Antifa throw at us. When they are your enemy, you must know you are on the right side. You are, and we will win.

Anne Marie Waters

Leader, For Britain