Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

City Hall

London SE1 2AA


November 25th 2019



Dear Mr Khan,

I write to inform you of an incident that occurred in London on the evening of November 23rd 2019.

On this evening, a group of my colleagues and I were engaged in a walking tour of the East End/Whitechapel area. Midway through this event, a group of menacing looking people began to follow us, shouting insults in our direction and telling us they were there to drive us out of the area.

We have filed a criminal report with the Metropolitan police.

What took place was clear and criminal harassment of innocent people behaving lawfully. The reason for this criminal behaviour is political; this group attempted to hound us out of Whitechapel because of our political views.

We call on you to publicly condemn this appalling behaviour and to make clear that such conduct is not acceptable in London. We call on you to condemn criminal harassment and public disorder, and to affirm your belief in the right of British citizens to hold a variety of political views and to be able to do so without being subjected to harassment or threats.

We call on you to take public action to prevent further such incidents and to promote a culture of political tolerance in London.

Please inform us of what action you intend to take to ensure that British citizens and London residents may carry out lawful activities in our capital city without being subjected to criminal harassment on political grounds.

This letter will be published, along with any response you may provide.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,


Anne Marie Waters

Leader, For Britain