Corbyn’s hatred of Britain and its children

Jeremy Corbyn wants British children to hate themselves even more than they already do. He said that under a Labour government British children will learn about the evils of the British Empire.

He will introduce a new national curriculum for this he’ll also of course open the borders to people from poor countries and offer them the world and so millions will come here. His aim of course is eventually to outnumber native Brits so he no longer has to pretend to care about them at election time. Because the destruction of Britain and turning it into a communist hellhole isn’t happening fast enough for the Labour Party they need to speed it up a bit and just to make sure there is no resistance, there is no fight for Britain in the future from future generations.

He will brainwash children early on to despise the colour of their own skin, their ancestry that the very land that they come from he wants them to hate themselves in order to control them better and so they don’t put up a fight for this country.

Don’t vote for Labour!

General election 2019: Labour plans to teach British Empire injustice in schools