Don’t let Silicon Valley determine our future – Anne Marie Waters

Keep going persevere that is our mantra

Now we know that Silicon Valley likes to interfere with politics and we know that they do that because the leaders, founders and bosses of these big tech companies are on a particular political side. We know for example that they were openly opposed to Donald Trump and tried to do all they could to bring him down to prevent him from winning in the first place and then to stir up nonsense about him afterwards and they’re doing the same for his election in 2020.

But it’s no different here whether it’s Facebook or Twitter as you may know I personally was flicked off Twitter for criticising South Yorkshire police. Big tech is is trying to dictate our political life. It’s so crucial now so many people get their information from Facebook or Twitter that these companies have become supremely powerful to the point where they are instrumental in deciding who governs us.

We cannot allow this to happen we can’t allow this to continue why should it be that tech giant’s determine our democracy do not let them do it!

Join us and protect your democratic rights!

Anne Marie Waters

Freedom | Justice | Democracy

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