London Bridge and our non-existent rights

Yesterday two people were murdered in central London and others injured there. Obviously our hearts go out to all of those affected and we all feel the deepest sympathy for anyone affected by this atrocity. But unfortunately sympathy is not enough! We all know that this man had a terrorism conviction – he was convicted of terrorism jailed and allowed out early because he has rights. You on the other hand… well yes technically on paper you have rights, but when weighed up against the rights of jihadists, terrorists, rapists, foreign criminals and whoever it may be your rights are essentially worthless!

The British state is making a decision. It’s deciding to let you walk the streets unsafe it is deciding to prioritise known terrorists over and above your safety. It has been doing it for a long time, 23,000 known jihadists are walking the streets of the UK. We know who they are because they’re under surveillance. So why are we allowing them to continue walking around the UK and more importantly why are the borders still open for more and why won’t we address the ideology behind these attacks and speak openly and honestly about it?

Because we are governed by cowards that’s the only reason this all comes down to how this country is run and by whom.

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