Anne Marie Waters, Party Leader

December 2nd 2019 

Nigel Farage is in a sticky situation. The leaders’ debate that took place on December 1st proved this. Farage spent much of the debate criticising the Conservatives, despite stating only weeks ago that he was standing down more than 300 of his candidates in favour of the Conservatives; yet more inconsistency and lack of clarity from our politicians. Farage however was aiming to win the points on Islam. In the opening question about how our leaders intend to keep us safe in the wake of the latest Islamic terror attack in London, Farage was the only one to mention jihad. However, those of us who are acutely aware of Farage’s record on this issue, know that he is playing the game for the sake of the game. In other words, saying something controversial at a convenient time, but backtracking on it when the time is less convenient. It is called ‘playing to the gallery’ and it is cheap political trickery. Farage is absolutely happy to label other people racists, just so he can take the “jihad” points for himself. But cheap politics has a way of revealing itself, and it will reveal itself once again. Only For Britain is consistent on Islam. Only For Britain has maintained its courage, even while under fire from Farage, and as we go forward, the British public will increasingly seek this courage and consistency – For Britain will never bend or break on this issue.

With this in mind, now is a pertinent time to remind readers of our robust and unique policy on Islam. We are experiencing these terror attacks because our leaders have been weak on this issue. Both the Conservatives and Labour have turned Britain in to a country where 23,000 jihadis walk our streets. Crucially, both parties still allow, and will continue to allow, mass immigration from the same countries that provided us with 23,000 jihadis. It is absolute madness, and nobody, including Farage, dares to address it.

For Britain has the most robust policy on immigration, we must stop people coming here from countries with large populations intent on doing us harm. But that’s not the end of the matter; we must also deal with the problems already here. That will not be easy, but it can be done. All that is required is a reversal of our weakness in the face of Islamic terror – weakness no better demonstrated than in our refusal to name the problem.

The problem is in the scriptures of Islam itself. Until we acknowledge that, we are condemned to a fate of burying our heads in the sand while more and more people are murdered, raped, threatened, or have their free speech curtailed.

For Britain will stand firm. We state clearly that the problematic aspects of Islam will be opposed. We will not allow Islamic doctrine to run roughshod over our rights. Muslims are free to be Muslims, but only insofar as their religion does not conflict with the law. When it does, the law wins. This message must be repeated and repeated until it is understood.

Words however are not enough. We must take tough action, and we must stick to our plans irrespective of how many times we are labeled racist or Islamophobic. Our policies of tough action include:

  • Close sharia tribunals
  • Ban the burqa
  • Close mosques where child marriage is performed or the incitement of violence is preached
  • Deport non-British members of ‘grooming gangs’ and apply penalties of at least 20 years in prison for others
  • Ban halal slaughter
  • Support ex-Muslims loudly and vocally and highlight the threats and violence they face in the UK
  • Do not allow those in child or polygamous marriages to live in the United Kingdom
  • Deport known jihadis who are not British citizens
  • Deport those convicted of female genital mutilation and remove the evidentiary burden from the victim
  • Ban madrassas
  • Hold a public inquiry in to the teachings of Islam

This is just the beginning, but if each of the above were applied, the entire culture of the UK would change for the better. The UK would show itself as a strong country, unwilling to tolerate medievalism. It will also make us safer by removing and punishing those intent on destroying our society and civilisation. It will provide an unequivocal defence of Britain, its culture and its people.

Only For Britain has the courage to go forward and implement the tough policies that are needed. Our strength will grow greater and greater as the British people become aware of this. We will make history and turn the tide that will otherwise envelope us.

Join us now.

Anne Marie Waters


For Britain