Our Policy on Islam

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be taking you through in some detail this the for Britain manifesto for 2020.

Now given that we have just been subjected to yet another Islamic terror attack where two people were murdered a few days ago in London, I want to start by talking about a policy that makes this party unique. That shows who we are our courage our strength and our determination to defend British culture and that issue is of course Islam.

Now others will talk about lack of police, they’ll talk about sentencing and and letting people out early and these are all pertinent points. But they do not address the ideology behind these attacks both labour and the Conservatives have turned Britain into a country where twenty-three thousand known jihadis are walking our streets. More importantly the borders are open and will stay open to the same countries that brought 23,000 jihadis to Britain. It’s insanity and no one is discussing this in terms of immigration either so immigration will be up next.

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