The Greens and animal welfare

Yesterday I published a blog about Jonathan Barclay, the co-leader of the Green Party. He said on radio that he would ban halal slaughter. I even wrote in my blog; “Good for him”.

Well I take it all back, because unsurprisingly he has now apologised for the deep hurt feelings that he has caused.

If anyone thinks I would ever apologise for defending animals think again, not in a million years! Now the Greens animal welfare policy on halal is to label it and they put this in with their animal welfare policy. But this is not an animal welfare policy labelling it is is achieves absolutely nothing for the animal. It’s a cop-out! A cowardly political trickery cop-out policy.

The animal doesn’t care if it’s labelled or not. The animal is still going to be tortured to death. The label isn’t going to make that any easier and I wonder how many animals were tortured to death while Jonathan Bartley was apologising for defending them? This is animal welfare. It is a huge issue in this country and politicians sit up and take notice they make all the right noises or at least they do at a convenient time to a convenient audience during election periods.

When we started For Britain, my policy was to end non-stunned slaughter. For as long as I am active in politics my policy will be to end non-stunned slaughter!

I’m not concerned about people’s hurt feelings, I’m concerned about the animals being tortured to death. I will stand my ground on this for good! There is never ever going to be any bending from For Britain on this and our animal welfare policy isn’t just about halal or kosher. Read it and see for yourself.

For Britain animal welfare policy