Anne Marie Waters 

December 6th 2019 


If you read the mainstream press, it will attempt to persuade you that “far right” terrorism is a growing menace in Britain. The same press will then describe objection to mass migration, nation-state democracy, and Islamic radicalism as “far right”. On the other hand, Antifa, a group that Donald Trump has expressed support for banning, is routinely portrayed as “anti-racism”, and of course “anti-fascism”. No further explanation is needed; “far right” = bad, “anti-fascist” = good. The mainstream press, in other words, has taken sides with the left, as it almost always does.

So what is the truth? Given that the “far right” gets so much press condemnation, what about the far left?

Firstly, what do I mean by “far left”? At the moment, in the UK, I mean the Labour Party and its street minions. Whether members of Antifa, or a similar group, the crossover is there; Antifa members are also members of Labour, of Momentum, of Stand up to Racism, or another of a number of groups with similar virtuous sounding names that the press gladly repeats again and again. Their tactics amount to threats, intimidation, and thuggery. They behave in historical terms exactly as Hitler’s Brownshirts – closing down events and discussions that threatened his rise.  These hard left groups intend to do the same for Corbyn, and their reach is getting wider.

The characterisation is not difficult; the far left is open border, “progressive”, and fervently pro-Islam. It will shut down anyone who dares to swim against the tide of insanity that the far left promotes. If you have any objections to mass migration, however mild or reasonable, you will become a target. If you believe that women’s sport should be for women and not men, you will become a target. If you believe that Islam is less than an entirely pleasant religion of peace and tolerance, you will become a target. Now, more increasingly, if you pose any threat to Labour, you too will become a target.

George Galloway recently complained that venues had “blanked” him when he tried to secure public meetings for his current Parliamentary campaign in West Brom. He wrote on Twitter:

“Having been blanked and even refused school venues (as is our right under election law) now TWO pubs we’d been forced to book for election meetings have cancelled citing “complaints”. Labour are determined that @sandwellcouncil remains their “Rotten Borough”

I have very similar personal experience. When For Britain was first founded, we attempted to hold a public (i.e. publicly advertised) meeting in Plymouth. Two venues cancelled because of far left intimidation. This continued in Hartlepool at our next attempt, and has continued since. We must now hold our meetings, our conference, our events, in secret locations and must go to great lengths to make sure these aren’t leaked. This is no way for a party to operate. To add insult to injury, the far left then portrays For Britain as a party with secrets to hide, despite the fact it is they that force us in to hiding.

When I stood in a Parliamentary by-election in Lewisham East, I was forced to stay away from the only public hustings organised. Dozens of hard left activists had gathered outside the venue shouting hysterical lies about my character, and physically intimidating and even assaulting those in attendance. Police on the evening appeared to decide that I was the problem, not the dozens causing trouble, and it was me who was kept at bay. The group Stand Up To Racism was openly the ringleader at this event; a group headed by none other than Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. Just imagine if the Tory Home Secretary was head of a group that closed down a hustings using intimidation and violence. We know the response of authorities would be very different.

Recently, I was hounded out of Whitechapel by an Antifa group, who bragged about their exploits on Twitter. Once again, no response from politicians and no arrests by police.

It doesn’t end here.

Far left activists are increasingly attacking both people and venues who won’t toe the line and agree with their radical politics. Women’s groups are among the victims.

Last year, a group called A Woman’s Place, which was formed to add the voice of silenced women to the transgender debate, wrote to Leeds City Council following its cancellation of a booking they’d made to hold a perfectly lawful discussion. In its letter, A Woman’s Place wrote:

“our meetings have been constantly subjected to intimidation and harassment from activists opposed to women’s voices being heard. These have included a bomb threat when we met in Hastings and aggressive protests from masked activists at other meetings. We are unable to announce the venue of our meetings in advance, to avoid activists bombarding the venue with threats and intimidation to force them to stop hosting the event”.

Police take little notice of these disruptions.  Actually, that’s not entirely true…

A group named Lesbians on Chairs was formed in 2018 following the outrageous removal, by police, of lesbian women from an event on transgenderism. One of the women, Dr Julia Long, was physically manhandled by police out of the venue. Their crime? Sitting on chairs (hence the rather clever name of the group). It seems then that police can be bothered to protect events and ensure they go ahead, it just depends on who is hosting it and what they have to say. Seven officers removed Long from the event as she was “causing disruption” by being a woman who believes that men are not women.

Inside the Labour Party, things are no better. That party is being purged of moderate voices. Stalwart MP Frank Field quit Labour in 2018 citing a culture of bullying and intimidation, and attempts to replace with MPs with those aligned with Corbyn’s hard left beliefs. Luciana Berger, a Jewish MP, also quit citing antisemitism. A new Labour Party is therefore emerging, one that will not tolerate the democratic process being extended to its opponents.

Terrorism is essentially the use of violence or the threat of violence for political means. Therefore, these hard left groups, Antifa and beyond, are engaged in acts of terrorism. But you’d never know this by reading the press, which continues to focus solely on the so-called “far right”. There is a far right in the UK, as there is everywhere, but it is tiny and has no power.

By contrast, left-wing terrorism is carried out by people who are very often members of the party comprising Her Majesty’s official opposition, and they carry out their criminal acts in the pursuit of the power of a potential Prime Minister.  There is nothing comparable on the far right.  Left wing terror is an imminent and genuine threat, but press and authorities look the other way.

For Britain will continue to fight this and continue to demand our rights. We are descending in to mob rule and our great democracy will be the ultimate victim.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain