Well done to our Hull members who attended last night’s BBC Question Time.

It is wonderful to see genuine people with genuine concerns grill the current crop of inept politicians on issues that the general public faces.

Hull members on BBC Question Time

Hull members on BBC Question Time

Hull is a great city full of real down to earth people, who are friendly and full of life and have always thought and acted independently, not suffering fools gladly.

The Hull Daily Mail captured the evening perfectly in this article. 

One of the areas they highlighted is the attitude of the Left wing activists and Cosmopolitan elite of cities such as London. Not only do their unpleasant tweets reveal many on the Left for the angry, petty and vindictive trolls they are. But that the Middle Class “luvvies” in these cosmopolitan areas care more about their own shallow lives than the life affecting issues that normal working class citizens face on a daily basis.

As soon as it became apparent that the audience wasn’t packed with pro-remain Corbyn worshippers, the snide remarks starting appearing on social media. These obnoxious individuals seem only to care about remaining in the EU at any cost (even democracy), no doubt to ensure that their favourite coffee shop can continue with what amounts to a slave labour force of Eastern Europeans. A Mocha Light Frappuccino to go is always high on the priority list.

The show and subsequent reaction is a good barometer of how out of touch these people are. They know nothing of the North or anything about the culture outside of their little bubble. I’m glad Hull was made the capital of culture and I’m glad the residents of Hull get the chance to show the rest of the country the unique character that makes Britain such a wonderful diverse country. These patriotic people valued sovereignty and freedom from the EU above all the Project Doom & Gloom thrown at them pre referendum.

So many politicians and so much of the media have failed to grasp this simple fact in over 3 years. A risk to economic growth is a price worth paying for long term independence. If Labour had understood this, maybe they wouldn’t be losing so much support. But they’ve shifted away from patriotic working class Brits. They’ve settled for other demographics and now look down their noses, so the truth is they will never understand it. Patriotism and pride in your own country is an alien concept to them.

For Britain plans to stand candidates in Hull in May and we would like our members to stand as candidates. Hull is a great city and we intend to show the rest of the country what Hull can do. If you are a member in Hull please continue to spread the word and keep up the good work.

Nick Ryder & The For Britain Team