If you read the mainstream press or listen to the police you could be persuaded that so-called Far-Right terrorism is a growing and very specific menace facing British society. But is that true?

Well there are two major points to make on this. The first one is that the term Far-Right has been so widened, that it includes anyone essentially who isn’t on the Far-Left! If you have any objection whoever reasonable or moderate to mass immigration you will be labelled Far-Right. If you don’t believe that men should be competing in women’s sports, you’ll be labelled Far-Right. Or if you have any criticism at all or even any questions about Islam you will be labelled Far-Right. So no matter who you are if you have any objections to the mainstream rhetoric that you’re supposed to accept without question, you will be labelled Far-Right.

“You will then be unpersoned and have your rights taken away.”

So the term Far-Right is huge, it includes decent ordinary reasonable people who just object to the status quo so that’s far right and that’s point number one.

Point number two. I’m not suggesting that there is no Far-Right in the UK, there is as there is in every country. But the fact is, it’s tiny and it’s perilous. The chances of the real Far-Right coming to power anytime soon are well minimal at best. So what about Far-Left terrorism? Can the same be said for that?

Well first of all unlike Far-Right, the Far-Left isn’t labelled as such. You won’t hear the press call Jeremy Corbyn for example Far-Left or communist or even talk about communism at all. They’re not labelled Far-Left to start with. They’re certainly not labelled terrorists despite the evidence that members of the Labour Party and associated groups are engaging in political violence. Secondly the Far-Left, Antifa,  hope not hate, UAF, stand up to racism and all these various groups which i have personal experience of who engage in criminal activity and many of them are members of the Labour Party.

It’s not just Conservative voices, this applies to anyone regardless of political affiliation.

Recently on Twitter; George Galloway has been unable to secure venues as he’s standing in the general election in West Brom. According to him he’s unable to secure venues to hold public meetings because left-wing thugs associated with the Labour Party.

George Galloway Tweet

For Britain knows this of old tactic. We also know that women’s groups are having their events closed down. They’ve even been subject to bomb threats by hard left groups.

We need to replace the spineless disgraceful politicians who are allowing this country to turn from a democracy into one of left-wing mob rule join us and fight back!
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